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Ola Design

This is the story of a chance encounter; that of two women working in the artistic community and the story of their combined experience. These two designers are specialists in the use of resin, a material that leaves them totally free to express themselves both in terms of colour and of shape. They have worked in the shadows for the most prestigious French and international luxury brands; creating made-to-measure art-works highlighting showcases and products. Now they have joined forces to create their own brand : " OLA DESIGN " a range of designs that mirror its creators' rigour and originality. Bright, fashionable colours, voluptuous shapes zeitgeist design.The first collection titillates the senses and follows the changing seasons. Let's call it "design against despondency".

The first ever OLA DESIGN collection is about greed! As poster boys for greed we chose the macaroon, the cupcake,
the apple and the strawberry. Then we decided to dress them up XXL in a range of candy colours. These fun shapes are nonetheless true to life : they are designed from drawings and hand-sculpted before being produced in series.

Ambiences & References from Ola Design

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