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Abate Zanetti

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Calle Briati 8/b I
30141 Murano
T. +39 0412737711
F. +39 0412737737
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Activity : Manufacturer

Heir to an ancient glass institution, Abate Zanetti is the meeting point between the past and the future of the art of glass. There are two souls of Abate Zanetti. The first is education, which draws inspiration from its origins and is expressed through the implementation, coordination and promotion of highly innovative training activities. These are courses on techniques and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic glassmaking, as well as on general issues relating to technology, design, marketing.

The second soul, in logic of continuity with the first, is that of production, a natural evolution to open new opportunities in a market environment that requires new solutions. Abate Zanetti is now, in fact, also a center of excellence in the production, research and experimentation of the themes of artistic avant-garde and glass design and is capable of creating glass works of art starting from a project by the customer (resulting in the elaboration of a design and prototype) or following the instructions of the designer.


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