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Alan Mizrahi Lighting

Activités : Manufacturer, Designer  , Wholesaler
'Founded in 1989 in New York the USA Alan Mizrahi HAS Lighting Company over 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing prestigious, custom-made light fixtures for residential and business settings. These settings include hotels, luxury hotels, conference centers, opera houses, and cruise ships, as well as private homes. Our current portfolio of 8,000 includes designs Both historical and contemporary fixtures from our own design department. Moreover for the past century we-have collaborated with international leading étroitement architects and interior designers on various projects worldwide. These collaborations-have enabled customers to select different designs and materials from our portfolio or to use creativity Their Own to original design custom parts. These collaborations-have-been-have very successful and resulted in satisfied customers Whose Many projects all over the world, specially in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, are included in our reference materials. Alan Mizrahi Lighting is Known worldwide as the dynamic contemporary chandelier brand, qui is re-defining the kind of crystal chandeliers. Alan along with a group of Experienced candlestick designers joined together in 1989 to explore the potential of contemporary crystal chandeliers and build a strength Known today as Alan Mizrahi Lighting. Their knowledge base of technical issues is regarded not only world-class goal unparalleled. Alan Mizrahi Lighting HAS Developed an aesthetic qui HAS called Expired the focus of a deeply artistic and fashionable following. Starting in 1989. Alan Mizrahi Lighting HAS Entirely reinvented how crystal is used; stripping down the old, overburdened chandelier to it's essentials and giving it a fresh, airy, contemporary look with classic quality & materials. We-have an unconventional outlook on chandeliers and strive to push the envelope. "Starting in 1989 Alan Mizrahi Lighting HAS  Entirely re-invented how crystal can be used, stripping back the old idea of an overburdened chandelier to it's essentials and Bringing a fresh, airy, contemporary quality to classic materials " We not only manufacture our own designs aim aussi étroitement work with architects and interior designers to translate Their sketches into decorative lighting parts and architectural modules with help from our in-house design team's extensive experience. Templates and technical information are created and Provided accordingly. Our chandeliers come with Easy To Understand manuals installation. Alan Mizrahi Lighting Installation HAS aussi year worldwide operating team at your service. Alan Mizrahi Lighting Continuously works to create new designs and to find the perfect solution For Each individual customer. We provide comprehensive design and manufacture packages as well as individual services Such As conceptual design, technical drawings, manufacturing, and On-Site Supervision installation. This means clustering solution The Most Beautiful dans le bounds of your budget. Our chandeliers are Manufactured from the best quality crystals available as well as Murano glass, handmade antique glass, Alabaster, aluminum, silicon, wood and silk. All metal work is done in brass, aluminum, stainless steel fixtures for large and feature a variety of Surface finishings: 24 carat gold, nickel, chromium, silver plating, etc ... we hand pick the best materials and pay close attention to detail to make you a chandelier That will last a lifetime. We are a fast moving and industry-leading design studio with high growth potential and an Established worldwide presence.   

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Produits vendus par Alan Mizrahi Lighting

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ALAN MIZRAHI LIGHTING - ka1760 lagerfeld - Candelabra

KA1760 LAGERFELD DESCRIPTION: The Sputnik 1 was a Soviet satellite, and one of the ...

5285 € approx.
ALAN MIZRAHI LIGHTING - jt109 celestial - Chandelier

JT109 Celestial Chandelier   DESCRIPTION: This piece is simple yet loud with its hanging ...

3068 € approx.
ALAN MIZRAHI LIGHTING - dv5514 murano frosted - Chandelier Murano
DV5514 MURANO ...

DV5514 MURANO FROSTED FEATURED: Murano Frosted Glass and Brass Chandelier is ...

3470 € approx.
ALAN MIZRAHI LIGHTING - dv5647 nymph - Multi Light Pendant

DV5647 NYMPH  FEATURED: Beautiful, non-traditional feature piece, Nymph ...

4088 € approx.
ALAN MIZRAHI LIGHTING - jt204 il pezzo 12 - Pendent

JT204 IL PEZZO 12 DESCRIPTION: Il Pezzo 12 is a female figure suspended in the air, ...

2009 € approx.
DEGRENNE Paris - nuit etoilée set de 4 - Table Napkin
Nuit Etoilée Set de ...

Soft and elegant, the NUANCES midnight blue cotton & linen napkins sold in sets of 4 are perfect ...


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