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    Activité : Manufacturer
    enQ is a world-renowned pioneer in the era of convergence today's digital, set apart by a philosophy unique \\ appreciation \. This thinking permeates all first industries of all our engineering's award-winning products and technology. It underlies our development products, business model, partnerships and corporate culture. It inspires our dedicated employees and orders us to global citizenship. \Better appreciate\ as our existence is dedicated to raise the life at a higher level of freedom, productivity, simplicity and fun.

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    Products of Benq

    (7 Produits)
    BENQ - vidoprojecteur 3d w1070 - Video Projector

    vidoprojecteur 3d w1070

    With its native 1080p resolution and 3D support, the BenQ W1070 projector displays your content in ...

    804.54 € approx.
    BENQ - w1300 - vidoprojecteur dlp 3d - Video Projector

    w1300 - vidoprojecteur dlp 3d

    Video projector

    Go from flat panel to big screen with the BenQ W1300 projector! With a native Full HD 1080p ...

    1016.54 € approx.
    BENQ -  - Video Projector
    Video projector

    BenQ PU9730 DLP Projector - Innovative features such as new HD Connect connectivity and lens memory ...

    Price upon request
    BENQ -  - Video Projector
    Video projector

    BenQ W2000 Home Projector with Rec. 709-The W2000 will give you a home theater experience of a new ...

    998.70 € approx.
    BENQ - mini vidoprojecteur joybee gp3 - Video Projector

    mini vidoprojecteur joybee gp3

    Video projector

    With its ultra-compact and lightweight body, the BenQ Joybee GP3 is a mini projector that fits ...

    471.70 € approx.
    BENQ - vidoprojecteur 3d w700 - Video Projector

    vidoprojecteur 3d w700

    Video projector

    BENQ's 3D W700 projector features DLP technology and a native resolution of 720p to display crisp, ...

    422.94 € approx.
    BENQ - vidoprojecteur 3d w1080st - Video Projector

    vidoprojecteur 3d w1080st

    Video projector

    With BenQ's W1080ST projector, enjoy your high-definition entertainment in XXL format at home.This ...

    972.18 € approx.

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