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    Contact details
    84 rue Constant-drouault
    LE MANS cedex 2
    T. 02 43 43 65 65
    F. 01 43 28 20 16
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    23, rue Auguste Vitu 75015 Paris Tel: 01 56 77 02 50
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    Activity : Manufacturer
    Since 1850, Drouault has been well-known in France for the quality of its bedding products.The purity of the filling as well as the finishing of the products made possible by a fine French production helped build a strong brand. Drouault is the only brand selling its duvets, pillows and mattress pads in every department store in France (Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette, BHV, Printemps). For over 150 years, Drouault has been considered as the French Haute Couture Bedding brand.Thanks to a mix of handicraft and industry, all products are handmade and therefore providing a special finishing and a recognizable touch. Our employees' deep experience is also at the core of the quality we provide our customers with. Drouault's ?savoir faire? consists also of being able to master the feather recipes for a perfect filling all year long. Thanks to a strategic location, nearby French breedings allow us to secure a steady and high-end sourcing. Drouault's special touch comes from a long experience in selecting, washing, sterilizing, sorting and assembling feathers. Mastering those steps is crucial to avoiding any damage to the feather and constantly offering the best possible filling. Strict quality controls are performed at every step by our own laboratory, storing results for a better tracking of our products.