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Focus is, among other things: the trademark for the company Atelier Dominique Imbert' SAS the head office located since the company's inception at Viols le Fort, a medieval village at the foot of the Cevennes the model Antefocus, created in 1967 the model Gyrofocus, created in 1968 a range currently consisting of 60 fireplace models 100 models created since 1980 3,500 fireplaces sold in 2008 80 employees (38 at Viols le Fort in Hérault, and 42 at Cavaillon in Vaucluse) 28 partner-distributors in France 33 partner-distributors abroad a turnover of 17 million euros in 2008 But Atelier Dominique Imbert is above all the continuing adventure of a small workshop in the south of France gradually gaining the trust and loyalty of all its collaborators as well as the recognition of its peers and the public around the world. For ethical reasons, all Focus models are made in France and a number of them are highly energy-efficient, while retaining the characteristic, original and contemporary design of the Focus trademark.

Ambiences & References from Focus

  • Focus Central fireplace Fireplaces Fireplace Living room-Bar |
  • Focus Closed fireplace Fireplaces Fireplace Garden-Pool |
  • Focus Wood burning stove Stoves, hearths, enclosed heaters Fireplace  | Design Contemporary
  • Focus Charcoal barbecue Barbecue Outdoor Miscellaneous  |
  • Focus Closed fireplace Fireplaces Fireplace Living room-Bar | Design Contemporary
  • Focus Central fireplace Fireplaces Fireplace  |
  • Focus Central fireplace Fireplaces Fireplace Living room-Bar | Design Contemporary
  • Focus Central fireplace Fireplaces Fireplace Kitchen |

Products of Focus

  • Focus -  - Bellows


    Eolifocus bellows, in wood and real leather was able to move away from heavy and redundant forms to ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus - bathyscafocus - Brazier

    Price upon request
  • Focus - slimfocus - Central Fireplace


    The Slimfocus, the latest creation of the workshop Dominique Imbert, is the result of a search of ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus - agorafocus 630 - Central Fireplace

      agorafocus 630

    central fireplace closed, suspended. Home suspended and orientable or fixed on foot, with 4 curved ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus - simgmafocus - Charcoal Barbecue



    Barbecue in matt black metallised steel.Supplied with grill and utensils.

    Price upon request
  • Focus - mikadofocus - Charcoal Barbecue



    More than a barbecue, the Mikadofocus is a numbered artwork dedicated to pleasure and conviviality.

    Price upon request
  • Focus - diagofocus - Charcoal Barbecue



    Barbecue and outdoor fireplace.In matt black metallised steel. Supplied with grill and utensils. ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus -  - Charcoal Barbecue

      Charcoal Barbecue

    Designer : Dominique Imbert

    Barbecue and path? e of ext? Laugher. Steel m? tallis? Matt Black. Delivered? with grill and ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus - filiofocus mural - Closed Fireplace

      filiofocus mural

    Glass fireplace with heat recuperator. The purity of the design of the hood underlined by the curve ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus - agorafocus 850 - Closed Fireplace

      agorafocus 850

    It is to the success of the 630 Agorafocus, this model has its origin. \u000aVery substantially ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus - curvifocus - Closed Fireplace


    First homes worldwide to the concave façade, the Curvifocus offers exceptional visibility of flames ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus - optifocus - Closed Fireplace


    fireplace glass on heat recovery. Wall fireplace steel fitted with a heat recovery.\u000d\u000athe ...

    Price upon request
  • News

    Focus - lensfocus - Closed Fireplace

    Price upon request
  • Focus - slimfocus - Closed Fireplace


    Designer : Dominique Imbert

    elegant and compact silhouette, wood fireplace closed and suspended.

    Price upon request
  • Focus - emifocus à hublot - Closed Fireplace

      emifocus à hublot

    Wall fireplace. Fireplace, attached to the wall, with a collector of home chaleur.diametre: 700 mm. ...

    Price upon request
  • News

    Focus - -lensfocus - Closed Fireplace

    Price upon request
  • Focus - renzofocus - Closed Fireplace


    Home steel coated in black paint (standard) or gray (option). constant outside diameter (406 mm).\ ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus - grappus - Gas Stove


    waterproof design stove fuel wood and gas. Grappus is more than a stove, it is a structure that ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus - ufocus - Log Carrier


    Matte black steel log rack.

    Price upon request
  • Focus - cadifocus - Log Carrier


    Log rack in Matt black steel on wheels. Comes with pliers, shovel and poker.

    Price upon request
  • Focus - domofocus - Open Fireplace


    Younger brother of the Gyrofocus, the Domofocus is smaller in diameter but substantially more ...

    Price upon request
  • Focus - antéfocus - Open Fireplace

    Price upon request
  • Focus - grappus - Wood Burning Stove


    Designer : Dominique Imbert

    Wood stove, waterproof, free-standing, adapted to the BBC houses.\u000aPaint: matte black

    Price upon request

Vidéos de Focus

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