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    Rua Particular de Regueirais nº33
    Rio Tinto
    T. +345 678 6978
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    Activité : Manufacturer
    The brand Circu was built to allow the children to bloom. The furniture allow the children to deam and play. Bed and others objects are colored and are inspired of what dream the children: Indian's teepee, plane, hot-air balloon etc. A funny, almost sparkling universe that offers the most beautiful rooms to our children.
    Circu offers the the perfect play area, the ideal space to dream!
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    Products of Circu

    (11 Produits)
    CIRCU - fantasy air balloon - Baby Bed

    fantasy air balloon

    Fantasy Air Balloon is the perfect piece for your kids to dream. Inspired in the world of adventure, ...

    Price upon request
    CIRCU - fantasy air balloon-- - Baby Bed

    fantasy air balloon--

    Baby bed

    Price upon request
    CIRCU - booboo - Children's Armchair


    Inspired by Lewis Carral's masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland, the Bobo swing armchair gives a touch ...

    Price upon request
    CIRCU - rocky rocket - Children's Armchair

    rocky rocket

    Children's armchair

    The Rocky rocket is an interactive chair for children. In red and white checkerboard. The lunar ...

    Price upon request
    CIRCU - teepee - Children's Bed


    Teepee, also spelt tipi, is reminiscent of traditional Indian teepees. Circu's Teepee is a bedroom ...

    Price upon request
    CIRCU - garçon -plane - Children's Bed

    garçon -plane

    Children's bed

    Up, up and away! Take off to the sky for some aeronautical adventures. Sky One Plane is a bed ...

    Price upon request
    CIRCU - bun van - Children's Bed

    bun van

    Children's bed

    Bun van is a unique child's bed inspired by the iconic 60's Camper Van Fillmore from the Disney Cars ...

    Price upon request
    CIRCU - fille- little mermaid - Children's Bed

    fille- little mermaid

    Children's bed

    Inspired in the Disney movie Little Mermaid, Little Mermaid Bed was designed by CIRCU, and it's a ...

    CIRCU - -garçon -plane - Children's Bed

    -garçon -plane

    Children's bed

    Price upon request
    CIRCU - cloud lamp - Hanging Lamp

    cloud lamp

    This cloud-shaped lamp has a cottony texture that reproduces the impression of a fluffy cloud. A ...

    Price upon request

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