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'Eglidesign is more than producer of furniture pieces. It is a workshop established by an Artist and principal company designer - Egle Mie. Eglidesign is a studio of contemporary, artistic, handmade furniture, that pays tribute to the persistent fashion and brings modern art culture with the heritage of classical tradition in handmade furniture manufacturing. Egle Mie has a mission to create pieces, which would represent fashion and contemporary art culture. She seeks to defy established norms and experiment with top quality materials while creating limited edition artworks.

Ambiences & References from Eglidesign

  • EGLIDESIGN Dressing table Dressing tables Storage  |
  • EGLIDESIGN Throne armchair Armchairs Seats & Sofas  |
  • EGLIDESIGN Chest of drawers Chest of drawers Storage Bedroom | Eclectic
  • EGLIDESIGN Low armchair Armchairs Seats & Sofas  |

Products of Eglidesign

  • EGLIDESIGN - eternity - Armchair

    Lounge armchair eternity

    [EN] Word perfectly describes the feeling when you lounge into this handmade armchair. Even when you ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - man's wing - Bar

    Handmade cognac and ...
    man's wing

    Cognac and cigars bar - Man's wing. Elegance, power and motion ?ight meets together in one handmade, ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - necklace - Bar

    Hand carved cognac ...

    Handmade, limited edition whiskey and cognac bar. Every details are carved with the lots of patience ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - medusa - Cabinet

    Curious handmade ... medusa

    Sometimes you can get astonished for a different simple reasons or things. We believe that paying ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - inception - Cabinet

    Handmade sculpture - ... inception

    Your imagination is burning like a hot fire, you see something in your mind that you can't ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - whisper - Cabinet

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - secret--. - Cabinet

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN -  - Cabinet

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - secret - Cabinet

    Artistic tresure ... secret

    Throughout the centuries philosophy, religion, literature were drawing breath to obtain the Secret. ...

    2 versions

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - whisper - Chest Of Drawers


    2 versions

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - guardian - Console Table

    Entryway console guardian

    Indefinable shapes creating a strong figure standing at the forefront. A controversial combination ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - mimosa - Dressing Table

    Exclusice make-up ... mimosa

    Make up desk - Mimosa. Modern, sensive and stunning, just like she is. Hand made masterpiece, will ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - memories - Glass Dome

    Exclusive showcase memories

    Important moments in your life are recorded or saved in the photographs when some of them is always ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - hypnosis - Mirror

    Handmade decorated ... hypnosis

    The mirror has always been the object for displaying beauty. It reflects a woman's secret desires ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - vitality - Mirror

    Entryway mirror vitality

    [En] Vitality is main, fundamental human feature,process, occuring arond us and making the whole ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - dejavu - Oval Coffee Table

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - selfish - Pedestal Table

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - nyotaimori - Rectangular Dining Table

    Dinning room table nyotaimori

    [EN] NYOTAIMORI is a real step forward for Eglidesign limited edition and handmade collection pieces ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - dejavu - Round Coffee Table

    Lounge coffee table dejavu

    It is not only a coffee table. DeJavu is something that makes you to come back in the time or a ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - glossy spider - Side Table

      glossy spider
    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - selfish - Side Table

    Lounge table/ stool selfish

    A woman with a mind of snake. A mysterious figure wandering in the dark. Destined to survive by ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - glossy spider - Side Table

    Lounge table/ stool glossy spider

    Deep and mysterious marble patterns, surrounded by hand-processed brass. The colour combination is ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - three kings - Side Table

    Handmade exclusive ... three kings

    Throughout history, kings have been a symbol of force, authority, and leadership that unify nations. ...

    Price upon request
  • EGLIDESIGN - swing - Wine Chest

    Unique handmade wine ... swing

    Our dreams reflected in woodcarvings and a sensation of grandeur embody this impressive, more than ...

    Price upon request

Vidéos de Eglidesign

  • 16/11/16

  • 16/11/16

  • 16/11/16

PDF Catalogues of Eglidesign


    Eglidesign luxury handmade collection
    Corporate Catalogue 16/11/16

Events from Eglidesign

  • Maison & Objet Paris - January 2017 - 7 J114