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The online exhibition of international decoration, design and habitat

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Mexican crafts. Hecho a mano con amor. P.I.? Patrimonio Inmaterial? seeks to promote and distribute craft products from ancestral know-how of Mexican communities. C? is in the interest of struggle against l? extinction of exceptional traditions that P.I. supports and claims the wealth of artisan confections, reflection of the Mexican intangible heritage.

Products of P.i.

  • P.I. - mimbres mixtecos - Bathroom Dustbin

      mimbres mixtecos

    The Mixtec, as 61 other indigenous peoples of the Mexico community, seeks to divert its TK in order ...

    Price upon request
  • P.I. -  - Decorative Skull

      Decorative Skull

    What is death but a dream? The Huichol of Santa Catarina community has understood and play with ...

    Price upon request
  • P.I. -  - Decorative Skull

      Decorative Skull
    Price upon request
  • P.I. - sarape - Hall Runner


    150 x 70 cm cotton & acrylic

    60 € approx.
  • P.I. -  - Square Cushion

      Square Cushion
    Price upon request
  • P.I. - mimbres mixtecos - Wastepaper Basket

      mimbres mixtecos

    Plastic ensures their craft better resistance while allowing him to keep the heritage of the art of ...

    30 € approx.

Events from P.i.

  • Maison & Objet Paris - January 2019 - 5A N92
  • Maison & Objet Paris - January 2018 - 1 C103