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    Dottir Nordic Design
    Contact details
    Filmbyen 28 D
    T. +45 20 20 17 10
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    Dottir Nordic Design

    Activity : Manufacturer
    Dottir Nordic Design, a Danish company, cultivates oxymoron for its creations. Creative thinking is fuelled by the contrasts of northern life/cold and dark winters but also bright and warm summer nights, deep, silent lakes and powerful ocean currents. All their creations are handmade, giving each piece a unique touch. Dottir designs are made to blend and harmonize. Dottir defines itself as a wild Nordic spirit, tamed by crafts. Dottir works on unique icing processes. The creations are finalized in Dehua, Fujan Province, China, which is world famous for its white production of China.

    Products of Dottir Nordic Design

    (6 Products)
    Dottir Nordic Design - -pipanella - Candlestick

    Dimensions: 85 mm.

    33.56 € approx.
    Dottir Nordic Design - pipanella - Egg Cup

    Two very design egg cups

    Dottir Nordic Design - samsurium honkabell - Flower Vase
    samsurium honkabell

    Dimensions: H: 195 mm x D: 100 mm

    Dottir Nordic Design - pipanella - Flower Vase

    Dimensions: 22,5 cm.

    Price upon request