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Via Alberto da Giussano 11
20145 Milano
T. +39 02 9977 5010
F. +39 02 9977 5020
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Piazza Mentana, 3 20123 - Milan

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Matlight Milano

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Stone meets Light

'MATLIGHT Milano is a young company which has brought together the consolidated experience of Italian artisans.  Each has accrued extensive know-how in lighting and marble working alongside big names in retail and contract work internationally. These skills, coordinated by expert management and product marketing, have given rise to a dynamic and flexible entity which reacts promptly to market trends, while reinterpreting them in its own way, emphasizing its DNA of outstanding Italian craftsmanship. The defining feature of MATLIGHT Milano is its lighting of stone and marble of different types, finishes and functions. The marble emerges as the dominant element; when combined with light it expresses itself to the fullest effect. Hence, our motto: “stone meets light.” Stone and marble are used with different functions: they provide both structural base elements, cut using waterjets and contoured into design shapes, and coverings that replace lampshades, thereby highlighting transparency, tone and other original and eye-catching lighting effects. Another element that characterizes MATLIGHT Milano products is their high standard of customization that makes them very popular with increasingly demanding private clients and professionals, such as architects and interior designers, who have the chance to exploit their creative genius to the full with the combinations, colors, materials, forms and functions adopted.  At the same time they are able to delegate  technical, production and certification issues to us. Last but not least is the painstaking attention to detail, typical of Italian craftsmanship. Every single element of MATLIGHT Milano’s products is “Made in Italy”, designed and assembled to obtain a finished product of excellence whose originality and quality ensures it is a feature wherever it is placed.


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