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    5 rue Victor Hugo
    T. 09 80 34 06 14
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    Nathalie Domingo

    Activities :
    For a few years Nathatie Domingo has formed the sculpture, the work and the modeling of the Earth and enamel, to the imprint. The discovery of the Raku technique was for her a detonator that pushed her to go further in her research. As an obvious fact, the Institute of Ceramics of Sèvres has established itself to complete a know-how and acquire a real mastery. It draws its inspiration from the sources of nature, from fragile barks to the depths of the oceans. Nathalie Domingo works The porcelain in an uninhibited way, jostling the matter. It dares to bake and anneal porcelain to the ultimate limit, tear, breakage. Through this know-how, it otherwise expresses the effects of textures, colour and finesse, thus achieving a singular and sensitive creation.

    Products of Nathalie Domingo

    (6 Products)
    NATHALIE DOMINGO - dance in the flow - Decorative Cup

    dance in the flow

    Decorative cup
    Price upon request
    NATHALIE DOMINGO -  - Decorative Cup
    Decorative cup
    Price upon request


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