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    2 Rue Henri Damet
    T. 04 74 89 33 06
    F. 04 74 89 24 73
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    Couverture Ourson

    Activité : Manufacturer
    THE MANUFACTURE ROBIN MARIETON Manufacture Robin Marieton We are a French textile manufacturing company, specializing in linen (covers, duvets, bedding protection) and decoration. The family business was founded in 1850, in the Rhône Alpes region, by the Fessel and Robin Marieton families. We are settled in the slopes of Mont du Beaujolais, a region with many rivers. Thus the water quality of this region allows the washing of delicate fibers of natural materials such as Merino, Mohair, traditional wool, Lambswool, etc. Thanks to our fully integrated production tool, we manage the material, the supply of wires, ennoblement, manufacturing as well as storage and delivery. A complete process allowing us to develop textiles for sleep and health. The Robin Marieton company offers superior quality thanks to its wool products. Pure virgin wool, mohair, merino, alpaca as well as ecological, all our wool blankets are made French. Quality products at a low price! There is something for every taste, size, colour, with or without dye. THE GAMME PETIT PRICE A few years ago, new products, such as polyester items, were launched under the brand Name Bear to be able to satisfy all the purses. Our commitment to quality is always our watchword. Polyester allows more fancy on products, more choice of color, pattern etc. ONE KNOW AND FABRICATION RECONNUS We are a member of the FRENCH FAB for the recognition and transformation of our French industrial site.

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    Products of Couverture Ourson

    (2 Produits)
    COUVERTURE OURSON -  - Tartan Rug

    Great softness An ultra soft plaid imitation cowhide. Very pleasant fur touch. A pretty cowhide with ...

    COUVERTURE OURSON -  - Tartan Rug
    Tartan rug

    This Berber Bicolor plaid is an essential decorative accessory that you will enjoy matching your ...


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