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    Beatrice Bonzanigo Ib Studio

    Activités : Developer Realter, Architect 

    In 2009, Beatrice Bonzanigro graduated from the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland. She joined the architecture firm IIAW in Milan, specialising in prestigious renovations. In 2014 IB Studio opens its doors with the duo Isabella Invernizzi and Beatrice Bonzanigro. Their pro jects are elegant apartments in the city, farms in Tuscany, villas on the Riviera, chalets at the foot of Mont Blanc... Beatrice Bonzanigro develops a culture of humanistic de sign inspired by the philosophy of her architect mentors / Peter Zum thor, Valerio Olgiati, Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus and Mario Botta.

    At the Design Week in Milan in April 2019, IB Studio archi tect Beatrice Bonzanigro presented La Casa Ojalà, a 27m² nomadic and ecological living space. This round house, with its removable walls, is transformed into a terrace. This Ojalà house offers about twenty configurations, which are orchestrated with pulleys and ropes and rotate the rooms and modulate the house. Thanks to solar panels the space has electricity, the house also has a system to col lect rainwater. Casa Ojalà is set in exceptional landscapes, in the heart of nature. It is therefore an invitation to wild life and contemplation.

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    Products of Beatrice Bonzanigo Ib Studio

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    BEATRICE BONZANIGO IB  Studio - casa ojalà - House
    casa Ojalà

    This is a small, 27 sqm house with more than 1,000 interior solutions working in synchrony without ...

    Price upon request
    BEATRICE BONZANIGO IB  Studio - -casa ojalà - House
    casa Ojalà

    Price upon request
    BEATRICE BONZANIGO IB  Studio - casa ojalà--- - House
    casa Ojalà

    Price upon request
    BEATRICE BONZANIGO IB  Studio -  - House
    casa Ojalà

    Price upon request

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