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    ue du Moulin
    91 000
    Igny Essone
    T. 06 12 01 79 37
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    By Manet

    Activité : Ceramist-potter-mosaicist  
    By Manet offers functional and decorative objects around the lighting or the enhancement of what surrounds us: flowers with vases and pots, "little something" that now fit in beautiful boxes or sculptures with materials unexpected. Behind the by manet brand, Emmanuelle Musset, a talented ceramicist, likes to challenge her creative gestures, to play with materials to create unique objects whose beauty dresses the everyday. Driven by a sense of lines and volumes, it gives the objects a second life and offers them a new function. She sees enamel as a new material closer to glass, almost independent, which drips and spreads, diffuses and connects. Consistent with the strong values she defends, Emmanuelle has built her own wood-frame workshop, furnished with salvage furniture. She offers private lessons and internships in her workshop located on Rue du Moulin in Igny (91-Essonne). In this warm and friendly space, everyone can come and discover, try and perfect ceramics.
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