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    Activité : Manufacturer
    WE DESIGN CLEVER PRODUCTS SO YOU CAN ENJOY YOUR HOME Lékué?s characteristic desire to revolutionise the home is the key to this company?s success since it began its journey in the decade of 70?s with its first rubber brooms and ice-cube trays. Years later, the company continued setting trends with the creation of the first Platinum Silicone moulds. Functionality, quality, innovation and avant-garde design constitute the basis of Lékué?s philosophy and these values have allowed them to experience rapid growth in the last few years. Currently, Lékué continues to develop new product ranges, striving to surprise customers while helping them enjoy their homes. For this, they maintain a close relationship with their customers and with professionals in their business sector. Their goal is to continually develop innovative designs from innovative materials in order to create attractive products for the home that are both easy and comfortable to use. Designer of 100% silicon platinum baking tins. Manufacturer of rubber and silicon household items: baking tins, utensils, ice buckets. tableware licensed objects kitchen utensils giftware
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    Products of Lekue

    (10 Produits)
    Lekue - 0231540m02m067 - Baking Sheet


    This silicone mat has been specially designed for the production of whoopies and giant macaroons: it ...

    16.90 € approx.
    Lekue -  - Baking Sheet
    Baking sheet

    Quickly manage your cooking with the silicone mat! Material: Platinum silicone and fiberglass - ...

    Lekue -  - Bread Mould

    Add to the basket The pluses: 4 mini baguettes in one batch! Ideal for making sandwiches for your ...

    19.90 € approx.
    Lekue - moule à sticks et gressins - Cake Mould

    moule à sticks et gressins

    This disc-shaped mould will allow you to make 30 delicious and crispy sticks, fingers, sticks or ...

    10.75 € approx.
    Lekue - moule à gâteau forme chiffre 1 - Cake Mould

    moule à gâteau forme chiffr

    Cake mould

    Professional quality, this mould in the shape of a number 1 is an integral part of a range that ...

    13.73 € approx.
    Lekue - moules à cup cakes ou mug cakes silicone -  - Cake Mould

    moules à cup cakes ou mug cakes s

    Cake mould

    These 4 individual MinuteCake moulds make it easy to make cakes in individual portions, such as Cup ...

    12.18 € approx.
    Lekue -  - Cheese Container
    Cheese container

    Make your fresh homemade cheese, the simplest in the world! You can combine many flavours, sweet or ...

    Price upon request
    Lekue - tapis à macarons - Macaroon Mould

    tapis à macarons

    This silicone mat is specially designed for the development of macaroons: it benefits from marks and ...

    15.48 € approx.
    Lekue -  - Oven Mat
    Oven mat

    Anti-debordent silicone oven mat with Lékué edges: Anti-stick, easy to remove without fat. ...

    19.90 € approx.
    Lekue -  - Tatin Mould

    Removable mould for Tatin pie. The ceramic base and dish fit together to ensure an easy, safe and ...

    Price upon request

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