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    ZA Clos Ste Barbe
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    Art Twin

    Activité : Manufacturer
    Véro Nigrowsky does not like to define herself as an artist. She finds the term too pretentious for her. Yet that's what she is: an artist. An artistic training in Toulouse will lead him to work in Italy, before his return to France and his meeting with Ivan Nigrowsky who will turn his life upside down. Ivan is a former racing driver. He drives and above all he builds. Helicopters, gyroplanes, engines and speed is his thing From their fusion is extracted a box of hell : ART-TWIN. A company with real people in it, who produce with real values, real ideas, real projects. Curious and tester, the lady walks through the mechanical workshop of her ingenious husband and meditates around metal pieces and the song of possibilities. It is formed by welding, and especially by plasma that cuts metal into lace. She explores, she gropes, she watches, she reinvents, she draws. Used industrial metal parts make him happy. She will give them another use, transform them and according to her inspiration of the moment, shape them with glass, enamels, color, bronze effects, gold leaf or varnished rust. The common thread of these associations remains metal and the exploration of mixtures is always an exhilarating motivation. The metal she will make him sing, she will give him light . Whether with paintings, store signs, mirrors, consoles, design lamps, all occasions are good for transformation. Vero calls herself an "Experiment-metal" and brings with her new curious souls. Each metal decoration realization is artisanal. Even made in series it will be unique and none will be identical.

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    Products of Art Twin

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    ART-TWIN -  - Hanging Lamp

    The Nuage Art-Twin pendant lamp is composed of two pieces of woven jute canvas and metal threads ...


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