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    CARBONE 14
    30 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine
    T. +33 (0)6 22 27 25 04
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    Carbone 14

    Activités :
    Julien Gorrias, founder of, had several lives before design. First craftsman of wood and leather in Italy for the manufacture of masks of commedia dell' Arte in 2008, with his theater troupe he travels Europe. It is the show, the scenography and the staging that lead him a few years later on an experimental and totally innovative field: that of humanoid robotics. At Aldebaran, he imagines choreographies and poetic scenographies intended to humanize these technological objects. It gives the Nao and Pepper robots their movements, languages and shapes.
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    Products of Carbone 14

    (1 Produit)
    CARBONE 14 - qui cache la forêt - Chair

    qui cache la forêt

    Recycled ash wood, mix of charcoal and shellac, fish glue, hardwood seeds. The Chair that Hides ...

    Price upon request

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