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    2 Place Marcel Aymé,
    T. +33 (0)6 87 12 32 16
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    Atelier Solveig

    Activité : Manufacturer
    Solveig is a workshop specialising in the creation of textiles using vegetable dyes for interior decoration. The workshop designs its own collections of linens and accessories, meeting the needs of professionals and individuals with unique and tailor-made pieces, such as curtains, wall panels and bed linen. The use of vegetable dyes offers an endless palette of vibrant and original colors, ranging from the softest hues to the most powerful tones. Solveig combines this technique with different pattern printing methods such as screen printing, shibori and reserve dyeing. Founded by Charlotte Leguay in 2019, Solveig is an ethical and responsible brand. All pieces are designed, produced and manufactured in Paris and Crissay-sur-Manse, France. ARTISTIC APPROACH The style is resolutely contemporary and raw. The element of chance during the dyeing process, mastered by the gesture of the craftsman, gives rise to perfectly controlled poetic accidents. Colour takes centre stage in the collections, being vibrant and vibrant thanks to an exceptional concentration of pigments in the dye baths and an extended immersion time. Solveig uses various forms of vegetable dyeing, including dried plant decoction, oxidation dyeing for indigo with a lime and fructose vat, eco-bundle, and cold dyeing. To create patterns, Solveig uses traditional and artisanal compression techniques such as shibori or tie-dye. Printing techniques, such as screen printing or painting on fabrics, are carried out either using a clay reserve paste or using mordant pastes (gold mordants, shadow mordants or light mordants) to obtain several colours in a single immersion. MATERIALS USED Solveig works with plants harvested mainly in France and according to the seasons. In 2019, Solveig created his dyeing plant garden in Touraine, growing sulphurous cosmos and marigolds for the eco-bundle, as well as pastels and resedas for dyeing. The workshop mainly uses linen and wool, sometimes old but of very high quality, woven in Europe. Solveig also buys antique fabrics at flea markets and auction houses. The workshops are divided into four parts: the hot area with baking trays and large cooking pots, the indigo tanks (300 litres), the screen printing table also serving as a worktop, and the clean area for ironing and storing fabrics and pieces. The sewing is entrusted to seamstresses from the solidarity workshop Mode Estime. ETHICS Solveig is a socially responsible brand. The dyeing techniques are environmentally friendly, water consumption is reasoned, and upcycling practices are implemented. The pieces are designed, dyed and made locally in France.
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    Products of Atelier Solveig

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    ATELIER SOLVEIG -  - Rectangular Tablecloth

    Tablecloth, 280 x 190 cm, Vegetable dye with cashew, 100% cotton chef Creation from June 2019. Chef' ...


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