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Activities : Manufacturer, Dealer
The development of nanimarquina has been based on a very clear idea: the passion for designing rugs. A simple principle, a transparent assertion of intentions that becomes reality by combining values such as observation, innovative effort, enthusiasm and the ability to carry craft traditions through to the 21st century. Since it began in 1987, nanimarquina has been designing rugs and textile products paying by special attention to the research of raw materials and manufacturing processes. These factors enrich the aesthetics of the products, the main reason behind the brand's renowned and commercial success. The history of the company started with the first few rugs, which featured popular colours and geometric designs of the 1980s. Designed by Nani Marquina herself, they were very well received and confirmed the success of the idea of making designer rugs. The company was then immediately asked to design new products for various prestigious designers such as Mariscal, Peret and Eduard Samsó. Furthermore, the collection concept was born: a series of rugs varying in size and colour. The success of all these ideas boosted the brand's presence in the international market. Years later, the company achieved one of its greatest milestones: it started to manufacture rugs in north India. Since then, craftsmanship has become the differentiating factor of nanimarquina, the value that enabled it to explore new manufacturing methods and new ways of identifying with consumers. Working with craft techniques from all over the world imbues the rugs with a unique character, where sensitivity mixes with fusion and where the human touch, warm and close gains a contemporary strength. The brand continues to collaborate with well-known designers. Names such as Ana Mir, Emili Padrós, Mariana Eidler, Oriol Guimerà, Martí Guixé, Tord Boontje, Ricard Ferrer, Martín Azúa and Gerard Moliné have contributed their creativity to the different nanimarquina collections, which are sold in more than 45 countries. The decade of 2000 was when Nani Marquina's products, the company and her business initiative were consolidated and recognised. The Ret Dot Design Award for the Topissimo rug and the special mention at the Delta Awards for the Cuks and Flying Carpet models are among the most outstanding prizes the company won in 2003. The company's high point came in 2005, when it won the National Design Award and the Premi Cambra a la Gestió Empresarial (Chamber Award of Design Management). In 2007, the company received a nomination for the Príncipe Felipe Award for Company Excellence and in 2008 won the Culture National Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya government to the Design. In addition, the Little Field of Flowers rug received a Red Dot Award and the Elle Deco International Design Award. Nani Marquina has also recently won the International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge Award from the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, a personal achievement that led to the 2007 FIDEM Award Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year. Now nanimarquina leads the rug manufacturing sector and exports 60% of its rugs. With the second generation already incorporated into its management, the company continues making, living and offering high quality design. It still adheres to its basic concept: the passion for designing rugs.


Products of Nanimarquina

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    Nanimarquina - blend - Kilim

    Designer : Raw Color

    2928 € approx.
    Nanimarquina - estambul black - - Modern Rug
    estambul black -

    Designer : Javier Mariscal

    200x300 cm

    3024 € approx.
    Nanimarquina -  - Modern Rug
    Modern Rug

    2408 € approx.
    Nanimarquina - aros square - Modern Rug
    aros square

    200X200CM New Zealand wool

    1340 € approx.
    Nanimarquina - chillida - Modern Rug

    Designer : Eduardo Chillida

    177x240 cm

    2 versions

    3060 € approx.
    Nanimarquina - tres vegetal - Modern Rug
    tres vegetal

    Designer : Nani Marquina

    2408 € approx.
    Nanimarquina - hayon x nani - Modern Rug
    hayon x nani

    Designer : Jaime Hayon

    1170 € approx.
    Nanimarquina - -shade - Modern Rug

    Designer : Cana Özgür

    Price upon request
    Nanimarquina -  - Modern Rug
    Modern Rug

    Price upon request
    Nanimarquina - shade - Modern Rug

    Designer : Begüm Cana Özgür

    Price upon request
    Nanimarquina - estambul black  - Modern Rug
    estambul black

    Designer : Javier Mariscal

    200x300 cm

    3024 € approx.
    Nanimarquina - chobi brown - Modern Rug
    chobi brown

    Designer : Ariadna Miquel, Nani Marquina

    100% Hand spun Afghan wool

    4589 € approx.

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1 January 2018


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