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    Jean-Paul-Str. 16
    T. +49 (0)921/65268
    F. +49 (0)921/61809
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    Anton Weidl Porzellan Manufaktur Gloria

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    The Anton Weidl KG - Porcelain Manufactory GLORIA stands for a unique collection of wallplates and decorative porcelain for highest demands. Our collection combines quality, variety, esthetics and tradition with a touch of something extraordinary - this is why our products will inspire, embellish homes and create remaining value. Some of our items carry a true gold rim, which adds elegance to the individual piece of value. Our brand GLORIA on each of our products is our seal of quality and proof of our masterly German handwork. The Porcelain Manufactory GLORIA is a family-run business and was founded in Altrohlau near Karlsbad (today Czech Republic) in 1920 by Mr. Anton Weidl - the father of today's owner. Since its foundation and still today, greatest importance has been attached to high value products with finest quality, which have been and are still manufactured in handwork. The meaning of the word manufactory derives from the refinement of porcelain only by hand. Ever since this time until now is the brand name GLORIA well known in all the world. After the Second World War, the family found a new home in Bayreuth, famous for its Richard Wagner Opera Festivals. With the help of a small team of experts from the former home base who have all come together in Bayreuth, the manufactory rose again from scratch. The old original decors and forms got lost during the war and the displacement and were reestablished/reconstituted. This was the basis for a new intricate collection of high value porcelain items, which today comprises a range of almost 1.000 pieces. The porcelain manufactory GLORIA has developed to become a flourishing export business and delivers merchandise to customers into more than 40 of the world's countries. To this day, GLORIA stands for a unique collection of wall plates and decorative porcelain for highest demands. Each item carries the GLORIA brand at the bottom side as a seal for excellent quality and masterly German craftsmanship.
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