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    Activité : Manufacturer
    ADVANSA is one of the leading suppliers of fiber s polyester in Europe. With a turnover of a review over EUR 120 million, ADVANSA has one if you production in Germany and commercial s representation, marketing and logistics in Europe, e n Asia and the United States. ADVANSA is distinguished by its wide range of fibres d e mark by its capacity for innovation and high-technology. ADVANSA has been recognized and rewarded by the most important eco-labels international in its respect for the environment in the concept ion of its products and its industrial processes. Trademarks of Invista used under exclusive license by ADVANSA.

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    Products of Advansa

    (3 Produits)
    ADVANSA -  ix21 smart pillow - Connected Pillow

    ix21 smart pillow

    The first smart and connected pillow that improves your sleep. iX21 Smart Pillow is equipped with ...

    Price upon request
    ADVANSA - ..ix21 smart pillow - Connected Pillow

    ..ix21 smart pillow

    Connected pillow

    Price upon request
    ADVANSA - ix21 smart pillow-- - Connected Pillow

    ix21 smart pillow--

    Connected pillow

    Price upon request

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