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    Ateliers 3S
    Z.I. de Ladoux - Rue Verte
    T. 04 73 88 59 50
    F. 0473733925
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    1 rue Charles Bossut - 75012 PARIS ou Rue Verte - ZI de Ladoux - 63118 CEBAZAT
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    Ateliers 3s

    Activités : Manufacturer, Wholesaler

    Reinventing steel building

    Bacacier Group is a major player in the building of the metal cladding since 20 years. Competitive, its market remains conventional, full of habits and traditions. And if we reinvented a product that has not changed in 50 years? In 2010, Philippe Starck decided to accompany us in this new vision. Bacacier 3S was born. The purpose of the "by Starck" range is to provide a cosmetic product, customizable, traditional pose, and in the same price as traditional cladding family: a toolkit for architects and designers.
    The declination of indoor use of these products has quickly imposed with the first interior metal siding. Bacacier 3S is also the CADENCE range. Launched in late 2015, it offers through forms of great simplicity of playing with random, create their own pace on a facade by simply dialing with a range of standardized sheets. BACACIER3S is finally a host of new architectural products under development, which always provide an answer at once aesthetic, technical and economic for architects.

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    Products of Ateliers 3s

    (4 Produits)
    Ateliers 3S - point - Interior Wall Cladding


    Designer : Starck

    MODULAR AND CUSTOMIZABLE DECORATIVE WALL PANEL - Length: 2.50m (or length on request) 0.75mm ...

    95 € approx.
    Ateliers 3S - point® - Wall Covering


    Designer : Starck

    the panel is 47.5?ttc/m2, the PERSIENNE sheet® achieves what no sheet has ever been able to do: ...

    95 € approx.
    Ateliers 3S - rocher® - Wall Covering


    Wall covering

    Designer : Starck

    e panel 47.5?ttc/m2, Sculpted in metal as carved in stone, the ROCHER relief® brings the notion of ...

    95 € approx.


    General catalogue
    Corporate Catalogue 12/11/15


    Walls & Ceilings - 02/2017
    Walls & Ceilings
    Houses - 05/2016
    Walls & Ceilings - 02/2016
    Walls & Ceilings


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