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    7 rue Gutenberg
    T. 01 55 86 17 60
    F. 01 48 58 16 89
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    Guard Industrie

    Activité : Manufacturer
    Guard Industrie is a French company, Leader on the market of building chemistry. Guard Industrie is specialized for more than twenty years in research, manufacture and development of protection products, decorating, cleaning, maintenance and preservation of various building materials. Thanks to a significant investment in research and development, Guard Industrie offers today? hui's innovative products for all materials susceptible to problems from dirt, pollution, graffiti, chewing gum etc. This wide range of products s? adapts to all types of materials such as wood, natural stone, concrete, brick? Also ranges of protection, cleaning and treatment, Guard Industrie has developed a range of decoration including colored products intended to bring an original aesthetic touch to the material while protecting against water, stains, greasy stains and wear and tear of time.
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    Products of Guard Industrie

    (10 Produits)
    GUARD INDUSTRIE -  - Anti Moss
    Anti moss

    Anti-foam treatment curative and preventive with long-lasting effect, AntiMousses Guard radically ...

    Price upon request
    GUARD INDUSTRIE -  - Anti Slip Solution

    A non-slip product for floors and all slippery supports, Gliss'Guard uses innovative technology that ...

    Price upon request
    GUARD INDUSTRIE - décap?briques guard écologique - Brick Cleaner

    décap?briques guard écologique

    Brick cleaner

    Decap? Bricks Guard Ecological is a decant without soda or potash and without the need to neutralize ...

    Price upon request
    GUARD INDUSTRIE -  - Hardener

    Mineralizing Plus Guard hardens and consolidates the surfaces of mineral materials, porous of low ...

    Price upon request
    GUARD INDUSTRIE - mineralisant guard - Hardener

    mineralisant guard


    Mineralizes, hardens and consolidates surfaces by stopping moisture, capillarity and crumbling ...

    Price upon request
    GUARD INDUSTRIE - décapfaçades - Paint Stripper


    Guard® Eco-ecological stripping is part of the new generation of non-hazardous stone cleaners with ...

    Price upon request
    GUARD INDUSTRIE - décapsols - Paint Stripper


    Paint stripper

    Decap? Sols Guard® Ecological is a new generation cleanser-fattening without soda or potash and ...

    Price upon request
    GUARD INDUSTRIE - décappeintures - Paint Stripper


    Paint stripper

    Decap? Paints Guard® Ecological is a powerful ecological stripper of the next generation designed ...

    Price upon request
    GUARD INDUSTRIE -  - Paint Stripper
    Paint stripper

    Floor and wall covering Maintenance and restoration product Maintenance and restoration of wood ...

    GUARD INDUSTRIE - décaplaitances - Paint Stripper


    Paint stripper

    Guard DecapLaitances® Ecological is a new generation cleaner without dangerous acids and without the ...

    Price upon request

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