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Starting from the wealth of experience of the partners in the campodello study and research and commercialization of stone materials, she gives birth in 2001 the 14 ITALIAN TIME.The products offered are heavily features in design, considered the primary value that's going to add up to the quality of materials and technical alleintuizioni.In addition to the more traditional and significant materials in the field of natural epietre marble material research experience contemporary materials ' and historically valuable like Onyx and quartzites. This strength it has a leader in the field, a reference point for industry practioners and professionals with whom you build more direct member giving a technical assistance support and information.

Ambiences & References from 14 Ora Italiana

  • 14 ORA ITALIANA Ground waxed concrete Decorative concrete Flooring  |
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    a new and exciting slant on cement and its endless possibilities of use.
    In addition to the shades, we have added finishes that are sculptures in their own
    right, that play with light and shades, in a project that allows users to truly 
    unleash their imagination.

Products of 14 Ora Italiana