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    Via Palona 12 B
    T. +39 059 79 02 95
    F. +39 059 79 94 32
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    14 Ora Italiana

    Activities : Manufacturer, Kitchen designer 
    14oraitaliana was created to give different answers for those looking for alternative aesthetic solutions to traditional tiles. Products stand out for their strong originality and represent an interesting way to interpret contemporary signs. The eclectic spirit lighting up the brand shows off the flair not only to prefer one mood but to inspire to different sources and to seize inspirations from different fields, such as art, design, fashion and street style to create new harmonies and new aesthetical balances.
    The result is a container of heterogeneous, versatile, fun and sometimes extravagant materials: a synthesis among tradition,technology and innovation where porcelain stoneware and natural materials are in a dialogue.

    Products of 14 Ora Italiana

    (3 Products)
    14 ORA ITALIANA - le riggiole bianco blu - Floor Tile
    Riggiole Bianco Blu

    Taille 20x20cm, very beautiful different patterns and blues. Chic.

    Price upon request
    14 ORA ITALIANA - le riggiole tratto giallo - Floor Tile
    Le riggiole Tratto ...

    Size 60x60cm,geometrical patterns, where grey and golden yellow blend together

    Price upon request