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Strada Romagna 285 Loc.Colombarone
61121 Pesaro
T. +39 07 21 20 83 72
F. +39 07 21 20 99 23
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Activity : Manufacturer
Today's AdrenalinaStorie adrenaline is born from an idea, a project that has long harbored among holders of parent company Domingo Salotti srl, active on the market of upholstered furniture from 1973, and that became a reality after the fight with Simone Micheli, Florentine architect and designer, with a commonality of views and aspirations. The story of Domingo Salotti srl in fact was evolving quickly thanks to the generational change and the foresight of the Directorate that already since the early ' 90 had felt the urge, the need of the market of new products, new forms and above all a padded product diversification, which own, nature has always remained a very traditional and classic element in Italian and international industry.Approaches to this perception even the ability to understand the importance of corporate production fragment collections and brands can fit into different market niches and very specific,


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