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    Rua da Saibreira 265 / 269
    Grijó - VNG
    T. +351 227 537 230
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    20 Rue du Mail 75002 tel: 01 42 36 97 00
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    Activités : Manufacturer, Editor  , Home designer  
    'Aldeco, Interior Fabrics, is a dynamic and Creative brand which commercializes high end interior fabrics to the world. With Showrooms in Paris, Madrid Lisbon, Oporto and Algarve, we pretend to bring emotion, comfort, color and fun, to houses, hotels and restaurants worldwide. Tropical Vibe, our collection for 2015, is an explosion of colors and its designs have a strong connection to nature and tropical environments. Keywords: the sea, good vibes, green, paradise, fauna, well being and joy.

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    Produits vendus par Aldeco

    (12 Produits)
    ALDECO - carousel cord - Furniture Fabric
    Carousel Cord

    Rich and elegant jacquard fabric that represents the simple and unique construction of a rope in a ...

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - digby velvet - Furniture Fabric
    Digby Velvet
    Furniture fabric

    Contemporary luxury and intriguing atmospheres. DIGBY VELVET is an elegant jacquard velvet with a ...

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - zeus - Furniture Fabric
    Furniture fabric

    Zeus, also known as the Imperial Zebra is a Grévy that was discovered in West Africa. Zeus is the ...

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - dots - Jacquard


    Elegant upholstery fabric.

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - leaf fr - Organza

    leaf fr

    Leaf FR is a 100% poliester matte organza, available in a variety of 18 colors that will suit every ...

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - blooming - Satin



    This fabric evokes a tropical universe with joyful toucans with bright colors.

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - ever lasting fr - Upholstery Fabric

    ever lasting fr

    Wavy patterns like zigzags, resist fire.

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - makoto wlb - Upholstery Fabric

    makoto wlb

    Upholstery fabric

    Double-width mesh with a embossed diamond.

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - starlight - Upholstery Fabric


    Upholstery fabric

    fabric with a star motif.

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - inhaus - Wallpaper

    Following the Bauhaus legacy InHaus represents the urban geometry architecture. MURAL STANDARD SIZE: ...

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - blooming  - Wallpaper

    Fantastic tropical design, with bright and deep colours. MURAL STANDARD SIZE: 450 x 280 cm, Design ...

    Price upon request
    ALDECO - zeus - Wallpaper

    Standard SIZE: 450 x 280 cm, Nature is the star of this design, where the imposing meets the ...

    Price upon request

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