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Via delle Fabbriche 2
61020 Borgo Massano di Montecalvo in Foglia
T. +3907 22 58 04 07
F. 3907 22 58 03 85
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Activity : Manufacturer

BMT: DESIGN, CHOICE, QUALITY … made in Italy made with care and passion

BMT, an organization with a permanent focus on high quality standards, the selection of the best raw materials and constant innovation throughout the production process, operates from a plant of about 10,000 m2 within which all production phases take place, to guarantee product quality. BMT's added value lies mainly in its success in achieving industrial production performances while still guaranteeing the craftsman-like attention to every tiny detail typical of Italian manufacturing, synonymous with creativity and tradition: in other words, genuine Italian excellence, expressed in bathroom furniture outstanding in looks, technology and convenience. OUR STRONG POINTS... FROM PEOPLE TO QUALITY DESIGN For BMT, creating a product means transforming ideas and designs into reality. In the continual search for the perfect combination of form and function, design means the ability to respond to a fleeting inspiration, interpret it and transpose it into a final product of undisputed elegance and high functional values, constantly creating new solutions that meet mankind's changing needs. CHOICE Satisfying the customer's needs and tastes is fundamental, and so BMT is able to fulfil all your requests by manufacturing bathroom furniture with customized design: the vast modularity of its products is one of BMT's strong points. What's more, the wide, diversified selection of finishes is the basis for modular bathroom systems that can fit attractively into vastly different architectural contexts. QUALITY At BMT, we are convinced that true excellence is only achieved when passion and tradition combine with research and technology. Drawing on its invaluable experience and know-how, BMT is constantly at work on the development of superior quality bathroom furniture products. Pursuing the constant improvement of quality standards throughout production means working with a vast range of even very different materials, getting the most from their characteristics, selecting the best finishes and using only high quality components. MADE TO MEASURE The collections' high degree of modularity and the many customization options regarding materials, finishes and colours allow the development of a bathroom idea completely made to measure for the customer, in terms of both size and shape. This tailored approach to the bathroom-furnishing project enables BMT to guarantee a product designed and built around the customer's needs, with obsessive perfectionism. CONTRACT With its specific organizational structure and bathroom furnishing expertise, BMT is a major contract supplier of customised bathroom furniture solutions for residential and commercial units. The wide range of quality products and a style that successfully combines looks with practicality make BMT Contract the right answer for important projects where reliable, precise service is a fundamental, essential precondition. INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY: THE HEART OF ITALIAN EXCELLENCE The continual innovation of its production and management processes, combined with the use of state-of-the-art technologies in its plant, enable BMT always to operate with a strong focus on guaranteeing customers high standards of convenience and quality. The entire production cycle takes place in Italy, under the watchful eye of skilled staff who bring passion to their work.


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