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    From the cellar to the attic, the facilities of the house are multiple. Whether you're renovating or building your home, you need to think about the many possibilities of installations, starting with how you're going to go up from one level to the next! Straight staircase, one quarter turn, two quarter turn, helical... which one to choose? The space available and the use to which it will be put are decisive. For a main staircase, used daily, robust materials such as beech, oak and a width of about 80 centimetres are chosen. The size of the tread of the steps, i.e. the depth, is also an essential criterion of comfort. It should be larger than the height. The more steps there are, the easier it is to climb. Blondel's formula can be used to calculate the ideal dimensions: 2 heights + tread should be equivalent to one step, approximately 60 to 64 cm. For safety reasons, the measurements of railings and stair railings must comply with the NF P 01-012 standard. For secondary accesses or small spaces, such as mezzanines, miller's ladders, ...
    IGS deco
    Grande Forge
    Concept 3000
    Cristal Decors
    Casa Bruno
    ... spiral stairs or retractable stairs are used. In terms of design, the trend is towards lightness. Double-flight stone staircases, although majestic, are less common. Space saving is sought after. Suspended staircases, with central stringers or without risers are preferred to aerial lines. The staircase even becomes translucent with glass or Plexiglas steps. Radiators follow a similar pattern. Technological innovations and new materials make them more efficient and less bulky. No more need for a radiator cover, the new ultra aesthetic radiators are displayed like works of art. Triptych made of spheres or thin brushed steel plate, they hang on the walls like paintings. Designer Karim Rashid has imagined a radiator that can be personalised with a play of optics. Depending on the size of the room, modules are assembled to form a wave pattern. The same style for the electric radiators: extra flat, made of glass, they are as efficient as they are elegant. Equipped with radiant panels, they provide excellent heat distribution. 

    This technique also works for air conditioning. The well-being of a cool house in all seasons is no longer a luxury reserved for people on the other side of the Atlantic. No more need to go through the safe to buy an air conditioner. The range has been extended and democratised. There are two main categories: monoblocks and splits. The monobloc is easy to install thanks to an evacuation duct that simply needs to be passed through a window. The split is composed of two units, one placed inside and the other outside. More powerful, it is more suitable for large rooms. These installations do not dispense with the need to install ventilation such as a CMV or window ventilation. Making the right choice of equipment, having a well-heated and ventilated house, is a win-win situation in terms of well-being and energy savings.

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