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    Univers :  House Equipment

    Building or renovating your home means thinking about the different installations and in particular about how you are going to move from one level to another, but also about how you are going to heat or, on the contrary, cool yourself during the long summer days!



    Stairs, ladders and lifts

    There are various ways of getting from one floor to the next to suit the layout of your space and the decoration of your room.


    Main staircase:

    Straight staircase, quarter turn, two quarter turn... Which one to choose? The space you have available and the use you are going to make of it are generally determining factors in your choice. For a staircase used on a daily basis, the choice of a resistant material, such as wood (beech, oak...), steel or concrete, offers a guarantee of durability.

    Today, the trend is towards minimalism and design. Thus, architects regularly propose suspended staircases, with central stringers or without risers. With its aerial lines, the staircase even becomes translucent thanks to glass or plexiglass steps. With or without a banister, the ideal step height is 17 centimetres and the staircase is about 80 centimetres wide. In addition, various equipment, such as railings or stair lifts, can be added according to your needs.


    Secondary staircase or ladder:

    For secondary access or small spaces, such as mezzanines, miller's ladders, disappearing stairs or spiral staircases are to be preferred in order to optimise space.

    In terms of design, the trend is towards lightness. Much steeper than the main staircase, it plays a space-saving role so as not to clutter up your room, while providing access to the various secondary levels.


    Lift :

    The private lift is an efficient, comfortable and safe way to access all your rooms. It facilitates movement and meets a need for autonomy. Contrary to popular belief, it is not exclusively reserved for people with reduced mobility and can be placed in a relatively small space: at least 1 m2 on the floor. The choice of materials and style is wide, the private lift offers its user independence and simplification in daily life.

    Stairs, ladders or lifts are essential equipment for moving around the different levels. The diversification of the offer also brings you a wide choice, responding to the layout of the space, but also to your taste in decoration.




    The radiator, a heating appliance, has become a decorative object in the last two decades. Renowned designers have all redesigned and rethought this piece of equipment. Inertia, cast iron, electric or infrared, the radiator remains one of the most efficient ways to heat.

    Technological innovations and new materials make them more efficient, less energy-consuming and less bulky. In addition, the growing use of home automation and connected objects offers you the possibility of regulating your heating remotely.

    Flat, glass or ornamented extras, radiators are becoming more and more designer, efficient and decorative. However, if your ageing radiators are no longer up to date, you can always hide them behind radiator covers.



    Air conditioning and fans

    In contrast to radiators, air conditioning and ventilation are used to cool the air during hot periods.


    Air conditioning :

    Air conditioners renew the air while lowering the temperature in your home. They work by sucking in warm air and then using a refrigerant (like a refrigerator) to cool it down and pump it back into the room. Relatively energy-intensive, air conditioners are highly efficient at cooling a space quickly.

    Fan :

    Less expensive than an air conditioner, a fan does not lower the temperature. However, it does provide a constant, cooling flow of air. Much less energy intensive, they come in a variety of forms: stand fan, ceiling fan, portable or column fan. Together with a damp cloth, it will offer you freshness and well-being during the summer.


    Hoover, wine cellar and safe

    Acquiring these three objects is part of the equipment of the house. Perfect cleaning, filing and preserving wine bottles, and protecting precious objects.

    Hoover :

    Canister vacuum or cordless, with or without bags, vacuum cleaner are generally part of our daily lives. In order to choose the one that is best suited to our needs, many criteria must be taken into account, such as the type of floor, pets, power consumption and the life of the motor.

    Today, the trend is towards cordless and bagless hoovers, which allow great freedom of movement while getting rid of the extra cost of buying bags, like those offered by Dyson. The robotic vacuum is also in vogue. Indeed, for several years now, manufacturers have made great technological progress, offering a large autonomy and a much more efficient cleaning than a few years ago.


    Wine cellar:

    Fewer and fewer modern homes are equipped with a wine cellar and, if they are, the hygrometry is not always suitable for storing wine. Therefore, many people invest in a wine cellar or wine chest, which is much more efficient in terms of temperature and humidity stability.

    Responding to a need for conservation and aging of wine, they also allow easy access to your bottles, while being able to serve them at the right temperature. A stylish and elegant object, it will allow you to control the ageing process of your finest wines.


    Safe :

    Hiding your jewellery, works of art or documents in your wardrobe or dressing room means taking risks. There are many safes available to protect them. Whether installed or integrate in, the strength of the safe must meet standards, in particular standard 1143-1. The latter sets out a resistance classification ranging from 0E to 6E which, in agreement with your insurance company, makes it possible to have more or less insurable contents.

    This system for securing your belongings can also take the form of a strong boxe, which can be adapted to your needs to store, for example, shotguns or keys.



    Making the right choice of equipment means ensuring that your home is well heated and ventilated, and that you organise the use of the space and think about the different ways of accessing it from one level to another. It also means making the right choice to secure your belongings and protect your wine. Thus, a good equipment is a winner in terms of well-being and energy savings.

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