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    Univers :  Bathroom Accessories and Fixtures

    Bathroom Accessories and Fixtures
    The trend in bathrooms today is eco-friendly, designer and spa-orientated.

    The second largest investment after the kitchen, the bathroom is no longer the "poor cousin" in terms of home decoration. Often an extension of the bedroom, it has become a living area in its own right dedicated to relaxation and well-being.  Even in a small home, the average bathroom is 5sq.m and is contemporary, you can have the bathroom of your dreams !

    Functionality and design now go hand in hand. Manufacturers of bathroom fixtures call on the creativity of famous designers to give new shapes to wash basins, bathtubs, taps and bathroom furniture. Starck, Urquiola, Citterio and Jaine Hayon for example, have breathed new life into the bathroom sector, providing inspiration to industry leaders in the bathroom sector to offer affordable designer product ranges.

    What are the main trends today? Shower trays are very flat (4-6cm) and even non-existent with walk-in shower that have the same flooring as the rest of the bathroom. Pedestal basins are disappearing in favour of freestanding basins of various shapes

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    ... and sizes. Basins can also be wall-mounted or countertop and incorporated into a washbasin unit. For heating, the use of towel dryers, which are both practical and designer, has become very popular. Extra-large tiling is now fashionable and helps to make small bathrooms look bigger. Preferably with a matt-finish, tiling imitates natural stone such as slate and waxed concrete. But small glass enamel mosaic tiles are also used for friezes or to create a feature wall.

    The bathroom is not only elegant. It is only a bubble of well-being in our busy lives. The latest innovations have turned it into a home spa. The shower has supplanted the bathtub in terms of sales and is now just as comfortable. Extra-large shower enclosures offer a large number of accessories and options : hydromassage shower columns, rain sky showers, shower seats and Turkish baths turn bath time into a moment of intense relaxation. Whirlpool baths with chrmotherapy and aromatherapy are becoming increasingly widespread. A warning however-the cheapest models are very noisy and will soon spoil the pleasure of having your own spa.

    These water-intensive installations are not very compatible with environmental concerns so many come equipped with a water recycling system. Other simple, environment-friendly solutions exist to reduce water consumption in the bathroom, which is the highest consumer in the home with 59%. Single bath mixers are preferable to three hole bath mixers. Being able to adjust the flow rate and temperature at the same time reduces consumption by 10 to 20% and up to 40% in the case of thermostatic mixers that provide water at a pre-set temperature. Electronic basin mixer taps, which represent considerable water savings, have now entered the home. Another solution is to equip taps with an aerator that uses air to make up for reduced flow. A flow reducer on the shower head will halve the amount of water used while maintaining the same pressure.

    Renovating a bathroom is an investment that will last 10 to 25 years. So make the right choices by seeking advice from the many specialists on today's maket. Bathroom designers and installers, plumbers and interior decorators will provide precious help in making your bathroom project a success.

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