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    Univers :  Kitchen Accessories

    Kitchen accessories

    Surveys show that cooking is a hobby shared by many which explains the enormous number of blogs and specialised sites that are popping up on the net. Recipes books are also a booming business. Illustrated with superb photos, they can be general or highly specialised, including cuisine from throughout the world. Among the latest products, kits with a recipe book and accessories are immensely popular. And to really become an expert, you can’t do better than join a cooking class given by a master chef. In May 2009, Alain Ducasse joined the ranks of top French chefs who have opened cooking schools.

    A workman is only as good as his tools, as the saying goes, which means that cooking enthusiasts don’t don their apron unless they have are all the necessary equipment. Huge specialised stores devoted to the table arts carry an extensive range of kitchen utensils.The most important thing is to have good knives for cutting and peeling.  There is no question of using the same knife for fish, vegetables and meat. Each type of food has ...

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    ... its own kitchen knife. Carving, paring, chef’s, boning, deveining and other knives must be kept sharp at all times! To chop and grind, manual mashers and garlic crushers vie with modern electric grinders. Food processors are the latest must. And yes, if you really want to use the right lingo, forget about fruit juice and blenders and talk about smoothies and smoothie makers. With an electric blender, you only need a few seconds to make puree, juice, soup or crushed ice.

    If you want to produce perfect macaroons and other biscuits, a rolling pin and measuring cup are simply not enough. To be the perfect pastrycook, you can’t get by without electronic scales for precision weighing, filters and sieves for flour, piping sockets for cream, spray cans and egg separators.

    But that is not all. You have to pay special attention to the decor as well. Cooks who spend hours at the stove want to have a kitchen that looks good and is functional. Utensils have been taken out of the drawer and hung up over the counter top. Food is now kept in attractive transparent jars neatly arranged on shelves. Everything must be within reach.

    The retro style is very popular. Antique coffee grinders and bottle carriers are collectors' items. There are boutiques devoted to selling copies of kitchen items typical of the forties and fifties such as biscuit tins with exactly the same illustrations as food brands of the past that have even been artificially aged for greater authenticity. Kitchen walls are decorated with clocks that look as though they come straight out of an antique shop while in fact they are perfect copies of train station clocks.

    Nostalgia for the past and high-tech electric appliances blend together in the kitchen to help our cordon bleu cooks bring out the fine food. So enjoy!

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