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    Univers :  Games and Toys

    Toys  / Games. 

    It's time to have fun. The new games make young and old dream. The toys are in tune with the times and are environmentally friendly. Quality and style come first. To meet this demand, many shops specializing in wooden toys are opening. The Nordic countries are leading the way with creations that are aesthetic, fun and environmentally friendly, and which are widely distributed throughout the rest of Europe. The concerns are not only environmental. As toys are bound to end up in the mouth, parents are demanding natural materials that are not harmful to their children. Along with wood, cardboard is the other popular material, especially for children's and doll's houses. Who hasn't noticed that young children have more fun with the packaging than the gift itself? Inspired by this principle, toys are made from recycled objects to which can be added items found in the family's recycling bin! This is a socially responsible way to renew the toy and prevent the child from getting bored with it. For budding ecologists, there are also many educational games that ...
    ECHIQUIER FUMEX LILI POUCE SMART PLAYHOUSE Sentosphere Vilac Oxybul design by Caroline Lisfranc

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    ... raise awareness of environmental issues while having fun. Among them, Négocio where each player takes on the role of a learn the basics of fair trade and ecology.

    Nostalgia is the other important value. The games are inspired by the past. For the boys, wheeled cars are real collector's cars that dads are jealous of. They also love the cute puzzle "My little retro cars" made up of 2Cv and Mini. Girls travel with their dolls from the 1900s with dinette, miniature furniture and doll toys from the past. The old games of skill are reissued. For learning the bilboquet skill, diabolo and bowling games are a good alternative to computer joysticks and mice! Is it to get children's noses out of the console? Outdoor and sports games saw a positive upturn in 2009. Toboggans, garden houses and motorised machines contributed to the growth of the sector. There is nothing like installing trampolines, gantries or turnstiles in the garden to give children peace of mind indoors and let off steam. And to ensure that the toddlers' development is total, you will sacrifice your ears well by offering them musical instruments. Rock stars in short pants love the sound of drums, guitars and small pianos.

    Once the children are in bed, you will appreciate the quietness of the board games. The sector is one of the most dynamic in the games and toys market with a growth of more than 6.4% over the first 8 months of 2008.  Increasingly creative, board games are enjoying phenomenal success, particularly among "adulescents" and are managing to compete with video games. Often transgenerational, they allow the family to get together in a convivial way. The card game "Les 1000 Bornes" has been passed down through the generations. It celebrates its 55th anniversary in 2009. With its ten millionth copy produced, it still appeals to 7 to 77 year olds!

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