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    Univers :  Household Linen

    Household Linen
    Household linen is in fashion. Gone are the days of the wedding trousseau used for a lifetime, linen is renewed with the seasons as is ready-to-wear. United by the same material, textiles, household linen and fashion weave a special bond. It is quite natural for designers to move from clothing to home. Rosita Missoni admits to having found a new lease of life in the creation of household linen over the last ten years. Rosita Missoni admits to having found a new lease of life in the creation of household linen over the last ten years. The geometric and graphic prints that have made her reputation are now used on bathroom linen, cushions and bed linen. The bed is also dressed in Sonia Rykiel and adorned with her famous multicoloured stripes. These pop motifs and flashy colours appeared in the 1970s. Until then, household linen was wise and discreet...plain and colourless sheets. As the washing process progressed, the natural shades lightened from beige to white. It wasn't until the 1930s that the linen was coloured in pastel shades and then brightened up again afterwards. Nowadays, alongside bright bed linen sets decorated with polka dots, stripes and large flowers, another trend is emerging: the antique linen style. It is the return of feminine sheets in powdery tones bordered with old-fashioned days or delicate lace. We are once again savouring the charm of linen and hemp softened over time. Antique hemp linen finds a new lease of life. It is dyed in modern taupe, grey and parma colours and used for tablecloths and curtains. The spirit of retro kitchen linen is also appreciated. Cushion covers are made from old tea towels. This nostalgia is part of modernity. Once an intimate and secret place, the bedroom opens up and becomes a decorative room like the rest of the house. The bedding no longer hides under a well-bordered puritan bedspread but exposes its most beautiful ornaments. A clever stacking game takes place on the bed. Rectangular and square cushions of all sizes are multiplied. Throw, plaid and boutis are juxtaposed in all directions to create a cocoon and sophisticated bed.

    Another revolution: the adoption of the Scandinavian duvet outside its borders. Since 1960, duvet cover and duvet have gradually eclipsed the old duo: top sheet and blanket. Even if in France some people still use the duvet as a quilt with a sheet in addition to the cover!  Ever more comfortable, the duvets guarantee us a soft and cosy sleep. They are divided into two families: synthetic and natural. The latter are filled with a mixture of down and feathers. Longevity, comfort and thermal insulation are their main qualities. Duvets made of synthetic fibres have the merit of being hypoallergenic, easy to maintain and less expensive. Pillows also compete in ingenuity for our well-being. Among the latest additions, ergonomic pillows with memory foam are a great success. Made of latex, they adapt to the head and relieve the cervical vertebrae. "As you make your bed, so you go to bed" ...So let's dress up our bed in its most beautiful finery and travel a third of our life in a dream of sweetness.
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