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    Know where you put your feet ....

    Unlike our ancestors, whose main concern was the functional use of their soil, we can give prominence to the design, in selecting an appropriate coating. The decor willingly focuses on what we trample on all day long.

    The parquet remains for French households, the ground of choice. A wide range characterizes this coating, from the more refined to the more functional. Long reserved for the wealthy, parquet is now accessible to the majority of people. Laminate floors, cheaper than the real thing, can take parquet's appearance (or even other types of material) without having its qualities of comfort, sound and heat insulation and durability. Also involved is the thickness of the overlay. A parquet's overlay must have a greater height than 2.50 millimeters. The floor is distinguished into three families. The traditional floor tends to disappear because of the constraints of installation. It remains so far the strongest of all. The solid hardwood floors are thinner but still very
    CasaLux Home Design
    Atelier Follaco
    ... Finally, thinner and fragile parquet fits all types of installation. (See also: floor slabs, joist, floor heating, raised floors, stage etc. ..)

    Note that floor heating will be better regulated by the insulating properties of wood. Embellished with inlays and borders, the floor becomes an object of refinement, which we hardly dare to tread ...

    Timeless, easy to clean and suitable for wet rooms, tiles reinvent themselves over time. They take many forms, including imitating other materials such as linen, fabric or bronze! Coating of marble or mosaics give a face to a sober and elegant room. In color and irregularities, the tiles of recovery create a warm and authentic atmosphere. (see also: bejmat, ground sandstone, cement tiles, parefeuilles, terra-cotta tiles etc.). Many are also forms of flooring offered on the market of coating floors: cork, glass, concrete, rubber, leather or pebble ... The latter are difficult to maintain and can reperl more than one.

    Frederick Walton revolutionized the market for flooring. He would have won the Lapine competition if there had been one at the time, in the nineteenth century! And for good reason, he created the linoleum. This soil revolutionised the design of floors. This flexible material made ​​of asphalt, rubber and plastic resins, still attracts clients due to its maneuverability and especially for its cheap price. (See also: PVC floors, rubber floors, floor adhesive, floor pebbles and stones etc.).

    Needled, tufted or woven carpet has been laid in every other house. It continues hozever, to reinvent itself. Unlike the 80's, the golden age of this type of flooring, carpets are still purchased today in woven, high-end form. Synonymous with comfort and warmth, it is once again fashionable. The producers mobilize all their talent to give our fragile feet sensations of sweetness ... A remarkable invitation for pampering! (see also needled carpet, carpet tile etc.).

    Other rooms in the house can be optimized to fulfill their purpose by adequate flooring. Usually devoted to supporting rooms (balconies, stairs, garage), floor paint adapts to the needs: non-slip, easy maintenance and so on. Pouring a concrete slab can also be used for many different purposes. Polished concrete now allows functional ground to be obtained while remaining stylish. Its raw and minimalist appearance recalls a clean atmosphere of a loft, inherited from the industrial past of this type of place.

    Exterior floors are not neglected. On the contrary, the trends are in the spotlight. A synthetic grass lawn or a plant slab makes the garden green! The traditional and gravel walkways provide a roadmap to follow. At night, the only thing left to do is be guided by a luminous paving ...
    (see also: not Japanese, gravel, decking, etc.).

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