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    The first sunny days make us long for a garden. Pocket garden or spacious, natures pleasures need to be organized, worked, and laid out. A landscape designer will give you advice for the essential. He will find the volumes and lines that will bring balance to your landscaped garden. Greenery and garden lovers will let instinct guide them. Unlike what is commonly thought, the beauty of a garden does not depend on its size. With a spark of imagination, and a lot of care, a spot of greenery can be transformed into a haven of peace and wellbeing.

    The first step is to fence the garden. It is important to respect the environment and to be in sympathy with the general style of the house, and of course, the maintenance of the fence should be easy. You can choose wood for its supple usage that will be convenient for all fantasies. Go for wood that is whether proof. Exotic woods are reliable, fungus and xylophages insects and humidity do not alter them. The evolution of treatment techniques allows the use of more common woods such as pine at quite affordable prices.

    As for the shape of your fence, everything is possible. Manufacturers offer models in kits. The simplest ones are straight made out of vertical boards applied every 5 cm on horizontal fixations. Other models are made out of board or half logs cross bars. You can also adopt the elegance of railings.

    Panels make beautiful decorative fences, and protect you from indiscreet eyes. Other thicker models guaranty you protection against both wind and sound.
    Your fences can me made out of pvc , unalterable and light synthetic materials. Wrought iron is more difficult to maintain, since it requires an anti-corrosion treatment every three years. Specialists assure made to measure highly detailed well finished fences. An extra hedge may be added if you wish to be isolated from the street.

    Evergreen fences are another way of marking your property. The hedge maintains the ground humidity in your garden, stops the water from running during heavy rains, slows the wind and makes a natural screen for increased privacy. In a likewise authentic spirit: reed fencing, baskets, wooden screening panels will be well integrated in with nature. Trellised screening allows fencing without totally blocking the view, and are as useful as they are decorative. Set side by side or over lapping, they offer a variety of possibilities.

    To mark your boundary or to bring your garden forth, a wall (of stone, brick or earth) can be used as a transition for what is hidden behind it. A stone wall comes out of the ordinary and will give some character to your garden, and you can dress it with a wall crown.

    The gate should be chosen with great care for a good entrance. In wrought iron, aluminum or wood that might be exotic, full or open, simple or highly detailed, whatever it looks like, it should always be in harmony with the fence and fit with the general aspect of the house. A classic entrance gate frame is made out of two pillars for preference in natural or reconstituted stone, which will give it a noble aura.
    The question of a sliding or conventional opening is essential. A sliding entrance gate is necessary when there is little space inside the property, if the ground slopes is not level, or if your area is very windy. A conventional entrance gate that opens outwards requires a local authorization. Sometimes a simple garden gate will suffice.

    In order to create shade and to take advantage its coolness, do not hesitate to set up arches, pergola, garden arbours. Double or triple they will support a profusion of flowers that will flow down to the ground better. The red cedar, a rot resistant wood will last through the years, teak will take on pretty shades of gray with time. The obelisk in wood or metal lattice will create green shelters. It is an architectural high point that will impose a certain style.

    A summer house or pergola (open on all sides) will be shady shelters. Always graceful and sophisticated, they will find their place in a corner of the garden and will be an element of surprise that will incite dreaminess. There are many different styles, and materials either metal or wooden are always processed to handle the bad whether for many long years.

    A garden shed, a car shelter, or a garage, and garden chests can be decorative as well as useful.

    A garden tent will also protect from the strength of the sun. Either traditional or contemporary, it will give a festive look to your garden.

    On the façade of your buildings, do not forget trellises: they have learnt to be fabulous deceivers running across walls and are occasionally wonderful to hide misery. A pond will bring authentic simple joys. Reflections, and water whispers, a décor of floating vegetation, the discreet swimming of a colorful fauna: all these pleasures should be well organized. Ponds designed with canvas linings rather than preformed hard ones possess the charm of being integrated to the garden’s greenery. Very often, a bridge is more for decoration than for usage in a garden. Simple stones set in the water, a few planks thrown from one bank to another, or well structured bridge: the pleasure will always be to remain over the water, to get away from everyday life and to admire the garden.

    For more active people, the pleasures of gardening will come from the installation of greenhouses. Building a conservatory is a large scale project. The success will largely depend on the orientation and the quality of the materials. A good conservatory is one that will match with the aesthetics of the house and will ful-fill all your needs. To be comfortable all year around, a conservatory shouldn’t be an oven in summer or a freezer in winter. A building permit might be required depending on the legislation in your country. In France, it is necessary if the surface area is of 20 sq. m. or more.

    Laying out a garden is a specific form of art. You need to play on perspectives, use both sun and shade to bring out the garden. Take your time over it and really get to your space. for living, or harbours of calm, small and large gardens.

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