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    Univers :  Stationery - Office Accessories

    The post-Gutenberg Galaxy /   With the expansion of computing and the widespread use of the laptop, the paper document and the office accessories that accompanied it were reduced to the bare essentials. For a long time, these accessories were a real art, while writing furniture, a writing desk with a flap, a "bonheur-du-jour", a cylinder desk or a "minister's" desk gave rise to precious woodwork, wood marquetry, golden bronzes, lacquers from China or Japan. Although the shapes of desks have become lighter with the advent of the laptop computer, the accessories have not disappeared for all that. Today, four major trends can be observed: computer furniture reduced to the essentials, luxurious and uncluttered accessories, a taste for nostalgic souvenir objects, and a return to the old-fashioned art of writing, with its pens, pencils, ink pens and paperweights, which are decorative elements in their own right.

    All-computing   With the advent of the laptop, the computer cabinet, having been relieved of its initial heaviness, is often reduced to the essentials: a cantilever shelf to carry everywhere with you or a CPU
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    ... support with two levels, one for the laptop, the other for the printer. Three new accessories have therefore replaced the old office equipment: the screen holder, the keyboard holder and the mouse pad. The ergonomic keyboard support allows the user to be positioned at the right distance from the screen. Some models are mounted on slides to ensure the stability of the keyboard, while others have slots and compartments to hold writing material reduced to its simplest form: pencils, a notepad, post-it notes. This is a modern version, in short, of the writing case. More visible, the screen stand takes care of its design and is available in innovative materials that enhance its geometric beauty. Equipped with a hinged arm, it can be adjusted in height. There are copies that play with the luminosity of Plexiglas or the brilliance of polyurethane, while some shapes are reminiscent of the old lectern: but it is the screen and its moving images that have replaced the manuscript or the beautiful book. As for the mouse pad, the trend is towards timeless elegance, after the playful shapes and plastic-coated coverings. The most beautiful models are replacing desk sets and old desk pads. They are made of two layers of leather and fleece upholstery to provide ergonomic comfort for the hand. 

    The new office accessories: luxury and design / On a wooden, glass, MDF or Plexiglas desk, accessories are always present, but in small numbers. With the reduction in the volume of paper documents, the office organiser has replaced cardboard boxes, folders and binders. Creyoka's Créobacs is a letter tray that allows documents to be sorted and stored in a rational way, according to their order of arrival. Compact and lightweight, it is made from a single piece of moulded PMMA in a deep, glossy black colour that combines aesthetics and functionality. In addition to these accessories, there are desk sets which, playing with the beauty of silver, leather, lacquer or precious wood species, compensate for the coldness of high-tech materials. In the same way, the age of all-computing makes the old-fashioned book a precious object that will be covered with book covers in leather or monogrammed linen. We find this play on materials with wastepaper baskets that have become decorative objects in their own right: some are made of leather or woven rattan, others of folded cardboard, still others that imitate crumpled paper or the skilful folding of origami. The most luxurious baskets come to us from England, re-releases of the Regency models in walnut and veneer wood, decorated with an opulent floral decoration that unfolds on a black background. 

    Souvenir objects / In the digital age, a return to the suggestive and playful design of the 1970s is noticeable, with objects that hold gadgets such as pencil pots in the shape of flowerpots or office accessories made of coloured plastic, whose round shapes and soft materials are supposed to counterbalance the geometric rigour of high-tech functionalism: for example, numerous pencil pots and pencil cases made of faux fur. Other office accessories become souvenir objects that carry the memory of old school supplies. One example is the pencil holder in the shape of a retro inkwell "Petit Nicolas" published by the Leblon-Delienne company, which benefits from the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label. In the same vein, there are pencil pots in the shape of pencil sharpeners or television sets from the 1950s. The other trend is a taste for old-fashioned writing and for office accessories with museum value. The writing desk, that small portable desk with a flap, is coming back into fashion, made of leather, marquetry or painted wood, while the use of writing nibs is back: wooden or Murano glass nibs, natural nibs with metal nibs that are dipped into carved wooden inkwells.  Because ink has not only a colour, but also a smell: scented inks are highly prized, awakening the senses and opposing the immateriality of digital. Fountain pens are also becoming luxury items on display, with their barrels made of stainless steel, amourette, ebony, violet wood or black horn. They can be stored in leather cases or in boxes made of elm burr, leather, crocodile or obsidian. A decorative element in its own right, the paperweight takes pride of place. They can be found in brass or silver metal, while the paperweight balls that appeared in the 1850s have been reissued. The great names in glass and crystal glassware offer models in crystal with a patterned decoration. They are objects to be seen or touched with an emotional and memory value, offering a transparency superior to that of glass and enhancing the brilliance of the wood, glass or Plexiglas of the modern office.

    The Art of Writing /  If, in everyday life, the paper document tends to disappear, the stationery industry has developed a new art of writing, reserved for correspondence, drawings or intimate notes. In addition to laptops, the use of directories or diaries with clean lines, made of the finest leather or a thin sheet of wood, will be used, while drawing books and hand-bound sketchbooks will display the bright colours and precious patterns of Japanese or Nepalese papers. As a tribute to writing, some diaries are decorated with calligraphy motifs, while notebooks display Leonardo da Vinci's drawings and notes. Other notebooks, such as the "Medioevalis" of the Italian brand Legatoria koinè, are modelled on the travel notebooks of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, with their leather binding and long lace that is worth a clasp. The trend for writing paper is still towards acid-free laid paper and recycled paper, which we like for its full flesh thickness.

    Embossed or monogrammed paper can be made on request, making the correspondence a deeply personal gesture. The taste for letter openers is part of the same refinement: letter openers in lava stone, Laguiole models with ebony handle, which will be personalised with a first name or a text engraved by hand on the blade. Even the post-it notes have been renewed to make the hanging of messages a poetic gesture. The squares that we used to know have taken the shape of the leaves of the ginkgo biloba: we no longer glue little papers here and there, leaves cling to branches printed on a plastic background that has the transparency of a sky.
    As you can see, there is a causal relationship between increasingly compact computer equipment and nostalgic re-editions of supplies that touch the senses and awaken the memory. So you can warm up a high-tech world with an old-fashioned pencil box, put a leather diary on a glass desk, take notes on a laid paper travel notebook and transcribe them onto your laptop. Mixed techniques, parallel uses, play of materials, meeting of old and new. 

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