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    MDD Reception desk - Zig zag

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    Zig Zag appears to be the ideal mix of style and simplicity. White, metal openwork wreathing subtly round the body and contrasting with the highlighted interior is a very characteristic element of the reception desk. Artfully crafted glass covers the top of the reception desk making sure that your office is at the top of modernity. The reception desk is very effective in dark rooms where it is lightened from the inside and fulfills a role of a spectacular halogen. The unique backlighting with different colours helps not only to personalize the office but also to add charm and perfection to it. Diverse modes and colour regimes operated by a remote control are aesthetically pleasing and suit within a wide range of contemporary interiors. Zig-Zag is composed of blocks of different sizes, which allow for versatile arrangements. Ergonomic interior with a wide desk top allows to organize work at the reception desk in the most efficient way.


    • Origin : POLAND

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