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    Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz Panoramic wallpaper - La bataille d'austerlitz

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    The Battle of Austerlitz Exceptional panoramique done in 1827-29. French manufacture, possible attribution Jourdan and Villard. Wood-block hand-printed. Treated as an immense ?fresque,? Napoleon's great military epic unrolls depicting the important figures and events that culminate in the Emperor's victory of Dec. 2, 1805: - Allied troops retreating, with Emperor Franz I of Austria, Tzar Alexander I of Russia and his brother the Grand Duke Constantine - The battle on the hills of Pratzen and Santon, the fierce fight of a mamelouk - On Mount Pratzen, the news of Napoleon's victory, surrounded by his military elite, Roustan, Junot, Bessières, Duroc, Berthier and Rapp, with Prince Repnin taken prisoner - Alignment of Napoleon's troops « La grande Armée » This scenic was printed only once in a very small edition. Few versions have survived, and one is in the collection of the wallpaper museum in Kassel, Germany, Deutsches Tapetenmuseum, Staatlichen Museen. Thus, this rare panoramique ?Battle of Austerlitz? remains a printed memorial to the legend of Napoleon, and illustrates the greatest example of military strategy. Total linear length : 45 feet - Height : 6'7' Measurements of panels adaptable to available surfaces of the walls.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Style : Empire
    • Designer : Jourdan & Villard
    • Date of creation : 1827

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