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Gabrielle Laroche - Cathedra-Gabrielle Laroche-Cathèdre à perspective Renaissance

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Antique Antique

Cathedra - Cathèdre à perspective renaissance

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The Chayère also called Cathedra, is a civil dignitary or lord seat. In the early sixteenth century after the marriage of the dauphin Henri, Catherine de Medici in the decoration of furniture compositions linear substitute for the floral arabesques rudentures the grotesque.

This beautiful cathedra walnut carved high-back rectangular, has a safe seat crotch rectangular whose facade is decorated with two dimpled panels in the frame, decorated with ribbon describing two identical patterns faced. It shows a shift in forms of architecture to the furniture. The amounts of matter, become fluted pilasters with Ionic capitals flanking the central panel surrounded by a molded frame around a decorative carved coffered ceiling in perspective launched two portals. This pattern often used in Italy, now on a traditional French furniture is a testament to the migration of Italian scenery to France in the early sixteenth century by the Rhone Valley. However, it is quite rare. This set is highlighted by a panel whose setting, repeat on the entablature at the top of the record, has three geometric patterns (two rectangles enclosing an oval), designed by a continuous ribbon.

The armrests are now independent of the structure, they molded end with a stick and resting on two supports: a small Doric column topped by a balustrade.

This cathedra performed in a beautiful red walnut furniture from Lyon.

Origin : France, Lyon

Period : Early 16 th century

Dimensions :
Wide : 2' 7'
High : 6' 7'
Deep : 1' 8'
Hauteur d'assise : 2' 1'

Product description Product description
  • Origin : FRANCE
  • Materials : Walnut
  • Style : Gothic

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