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    MAISON & MAISON Fireplace mantel - Comtesse de mailly, cheminée sur mesure en marbre

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    Custom Louis XV style fireplace

    The custom fireplace "Comtesse de Mailly" features a contoured fret of great refinement. The directory rocaille ornamentation is characteristic of the Louis XV style fireplaces. The jambs are adorned with acanthus leaves ending in asymmetrical volute, adding to the serpentine shape of the chimney. The sinuosity of the legs echoed sharp curves of the plateau. This crown-shaped lintel an ogee arch, highlighted by a thick torus up to the ground. The center of the headband is lined with a large shell ornaments typical of foliated rock. This last is flanked by either side by molded panels in hollow and slightly curved. This model is proposed art fireplace with a cast iron interior decor carved highly sought after, a narrowing or a glazed brick interior. This exceptional custom fireplace comes in a selection of different marbles, mainly from France and Italy: Cherry Red, Sarrancolin Ilhet, Sarrancolin Fantastico, peach blossom violet, statuary Carrara, Carrara statuary half, veined Carrara gray, yellow Brocatelle , Turquin Blue, and Grey Panazeau Anne Evangelisti.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Marble, Metalcast
    • Color : White
    • Style : Louis XV
    • Designer : Maison & Maison
    • Date of creation : 2011
    • Ref. Fab. : Mailly

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