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    MAISON & MAISON Fireplace mantel - Ducs de nantes, cheminée sur mesure en marbre

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    Mantel Régence

    This extraordinary model with canted jambs has breathtaking sculpture. A broad molding runs across the hearth opening, ending in volutes, creating a shell at the center of the front of the entablature. Here, the molding is trimmed with lush acanthus leaves. The sheathed jambs are adorned with filleted flutes and rise to scrolled corbels. These are topped by a cartellino crowned by a shell. A curved shelf, with a semi-circular protruding center, completes the composition. The abundance of sculpture is quite exceptional. This marble mantel is characteristic of the Regence style, an artistic style developed when Philippe d'Orleans was regent to Louis XV. This style was characterized by a new exuberance, breaking with the hieratic Louis XIV style and announcing the future developments of the Louis XV style. Optionally, the sides can be curved and paneled, with center medallions. This model comes with an elaborately carved cast iron, enameled or brick insert. This exceptional customized mantel comes in a selection of different marbles, mainly French and Italian: Griotte Red, Sarrancolin Fantastico, Sarrancolin Ilhet, Peach blossom, semi-statuary Carrara, and Panazeau.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Marble, Metalcast
    • Color : Pink
    • Style : Louis XV
    • Designer : Maison & Maison
    • Date of creation : 2011
    • Ref. Fab. : Ducs de Nantes

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