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    ITALY DREAM DESIGN Floor lamp - Katana

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    6420 € approx. $

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    Katana is a stunning floor lamp signed by and Valerio Cometto and Paolo Balzanelli. It's entirely made of carbon fiber, high-quality technical material, very durable and lightweight, and of thermoresistant glass. In addition to its unique design, Katana is a real gem of technology. It's in fact equipped with the Dual Inside Sensai Technology, a technology that generates and controls light and sound through the body of the lamp due to an electronic integrated card. The system is able to provide excellent sound reproduction, in addition to being very simple to install and use. The top of the product is its Bluetooth connectivity, which allows Dual Inside to be connected with other devices (iPhone, iPad, PC, Smartphone ...) wireless. An electronic card allows to control the white LEDs (Katana allows you to dimmer the intensity of white light at 3 setted levels) and colour (RGB) as well as an FM tuner (87.5-108 MHz). The system also includes a stereo Class D audio amplifier, a wireless Bluetooth 2.0 module, an infrared sensor to manage its functions through an external remote control and two 15W rms power speakers.


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Murano glass, Carbon fibre
    • Style : Design

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