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Expertissim - Engraving-Expertissim-Sébastien Le Clerc et autres artistes. Ensemble de

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Antique Antique

Engraving - Sébastien le clerc et autres artistes. ensemble de

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Sébastien LE CLERC and other artists.Several views of small places along the Parisian faubourgs. Title and set of nine engraved plates, 5,8 x 15 cm (2-1/4 x 6 in.). One cropped along the subject, two landscapes by I. Silvestre, Church N.D. des Champs by J.Marot; facades of palace, churches, carrousel, landscapes, Institution de l' Ordre de la Toison d' or after J.M. Moreau the Younger, five Portraits ( Cardinal de Richelieu, Cardinal de Retz, Pascal, Homère, Ch. de Condren Jesuit, cropped and adhered).Etching and copper engraving.Collection of 17th and 18th century engravings, minor foxing and stains, several are cropped along the subject. Collection of 25 small format engraved plates.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : FRANCE
  • Price : 350 € approx.
  • Factory ref. : 2012070011

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