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    ITALY DREAM DESIGN Flueless burner fireplace - Sipario

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    2500 € approx. $

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    A geometry strongly architectural draws the steel surfaces of Sipario, creating light effects and reflections that enhance the fire element. This unique shape was partly inspired by the cathedral "Notre Dame du Haut", considered as one of the most famous examples of modern religious architecture and made by the great designer Le Corbusier. An object out-of-the-way perfect in the middle of a room, but also suitable to be moved outdoor. In addition to its unique design created by Matteo Ragni, the fireplace has extremely smart finishing, and this is important to to keep in mind during a comparison with many other models less reliable on the market. The burner is made of 304 stainless steel, has watertight welds and it's certified to contain the uncontrolled escape of gas and flames that can be caused by the accidental passage of air. It ensures maximum safety and optimizes combustion and flame control. This grants to offer greater thermal efficiency, the certainty of a safe product, even when used in the absence of protective glass, and ensures a steady flame also in presence of draft. The fuel tank capacity is 2.6 liters. The autonomy of the burner is 5 to 8 hours depending on the adjustabile intensity of the flame. Each element has been selected for its high fire resistance to maintain the beauty of your fireplace in the long. Come back to the pleasure of the fire at your home without all the drawbacks of a traditional fireplace. Forget masonry work, air duct, chimney, odor, smoke, soot and ash. Choose a beautiful and ecological fireplace, safe and 100% made in Italy and let the warmth of a real flame come into your rooms.


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Stainless steel
    • Style : Design
    • Designer : Matteo Ragni

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