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    TRANSVERSO Hanging lamp - .. kyoo

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    KYOO bright to light the vegetal paper 100% mulberry fibers in a warm light texture. It is possible to produce any shape and size, without any limit : a spherical, flat or curved ceiling lamp suspension. The monumental pieces are create in the workshop, dismantled and reassembled on site. MAINTENANCE The paper is anti-static and your suspension will not attract the dust. A simple touch with a feather dust from time to time will be sufficient to remove the dust deposited on the surface. the paper plant (100% mulberry fibers) is used for the restoration of ancient manuscripts : this paper keeps for a long, long time. It is possible in all cases to replace the paper easily and at low cost. LIGHT SOURCE The light source can be from LEDs (warm white or color) integrated in the volume of the suspension or conventional electrical equipment (classic bulb, LED bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LED tubes etc ... QUOTATION Each suspension is produced in the workshop, according to your requirements. We send a quotation for your project.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Japan paper
    • Color : White
    • Style : Contemporary
    • Collection : ECLATS
    • Designer : transverso
    • Date of creation : 2012
    • Ref. Fab. : KYOO

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