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LAPADD - Media unit-LAPADD-Small Elephant Charge Box, Lapadd

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Media unit - Small elephant charge box, lapadd

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Selling Point

Dimensions : H45, L45, D42cm
Weight : 14.2kg
Color : white and black
Body : 1.5 sheet metal
Shelf lined with 5mm thick felt
Power strip not included
Made in France by Tolix Steel Design

- A cube-shaped, metal electro-ergonomic cabinet: side table, bedside table, small and compact storage space
- 1 fixed shelf in the middle covered with a nice layer (5mm-thick) of felt
- power strip not included: will hold just about any of the small or medium sized models on the market
- a large grommet on the bottom for passing wires (Ethernet, power cables, telephone wires)
- a small grommet on top for connecting devices placed above (telephone, lamp, computer, etc.)
- it is possible to connect devices between shelves and/or outside the box

Extremely multifunctional, this electro-ergonomic cube can serve many purposes:
In the living room, it can be used as a TV table (do not use with screens that weigh more than 15kg or have a base that is wider than the cube), it can easily accommodate an Internet modem and connection box with its many cables, or a DVD player, making it easy to connect to either the screen above or the sockets on the wall.
It can also serve as an easily electrified extension of your couch, or an extra cabinet for storing electr(on)ic devices in your office.
In the bedroom, it makes an ideal bedside table for those who like to surf in bed: a power strip inside; a closed space with a felt-covered shelf for charging a tablet, a e-reader, a smartphone, or a laptop; the reading lamp and alarm clock on top with their cables neatly connected through the grommet; and one single cable leading to the wall outlet--in short, the perfect electro-ergonomic bedside table.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : FRANCE
  • Materials : Steel sheet
  • Color : White
  • Style : Design
  • Designer : LAPADD
  • Price : 690 € approx.   $
  • Ref. Fab. : 236888

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