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    PLANKTON avant garde design Table base - "lock"bamboo dining table

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    717.40 € approx. $

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    "LOCK" is designed out of the qualities, possibilities and characteristics of its highly sustainable material: BAMBOO. The frame is build up from layers of flexible bamboo. The layers are pressed together. The shape is formed by the bamboo's natural bending curve. The layers of bamboo curve through eachother and entwine, locking each other in place. End result is a mix of nature and mathematics, of possible and impossible. A super strong masculine dynamic shape that looks different watched from different viewing points. Bamboo is a strong flexible beautiful and renewable material. Bamboo grows without the help of fertilizers. The bamboo tree is mature enough to be cut after three years. The trees are processed into the most environmentally sustainable wood on Earth. "LOCK" bamboo base only. material : Base: Bamboo thick veneer. Top: not included The base is one size. For max. 3 persons / end-table: we advise a 1000-1200 mm. ( 39.3 - 47.3 inch) Diameter . 12 mm. (0.047 inch) For max 8 persons / diner-table :we advise a 1600 mm./ 63 inch. Diameter + 15 mm. thick clear tempered Cradle to cradle certificate glass. Have the top made by your local glass-dealer, or use your old top if you already own a round table 1000-1200 / 1600 mm. (39.3 -47.3 inch / 63 inch) in diameter. dimensions: base-diameter: 100cm.x height: 72,5 cm / 39x28,5 inch. color: caramel or natural bamboo. Hard-oil finish. Product weight: 14.5 kg / 32 lbs


    • Origin : NETHERLANDS
    • Materials : Bamboo
    • Color : chocolate
    • Style : Contemporary
    • Designer : J.P.Meulendijks
    • Ref. Fab. : PL-LO-BA

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