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    Kristalia Chair - Elephant four legs

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    N From a structural point of view, Elephant is a completely normal chair, as it comprises a structure and a tubular metal frame just like many other chairs with distinguished design in the 20th century. However, Neuland Industriedesign has exploited this fundamental simplicity to create another version with value-adedd structure comfort and materials. The upholstery in hide reveals a special reinforced ribbing, which starts at the armrests and surrounds the rear of the back, for an effect that recalls the backbone of an elephant (2). The two German designers got the idea from an exhibition they visited in New York many years ago, where an artist was using this special technique for contemporary works. By nature, hide is a not such a pliable material, but for Elephant it has been treated and shaped as if it were thin leather, removing part of its thickness by rubbing the back of it with abrasive stones while keeping it on the structure in order to obtain its curves and technological details. The upholstery is literally stitched to the body of Elephant using expert tailoring that echoes haute couture or excellent craftsmanship (3). The stitching runs along the shape of the structure, which resembles an infinite symbol, and creates a continuous line. This detail is really charming and amazing, thanks to the expertise employed in its making. A cold-foamed polyurethane cushion has been inserted between the structure and the upholstery, adding an attractivelysoft and comfortable sensory touch, without altering the streamlined simplicity of its design: another technical challenge solved thanks to Kristalia's know-how. In addition to top-quality hide in 12 different colours to suit all interiors, this version is available in a natural or black full-grain colour. Its steel frame, with four legs or a slide frame, is available in polished chrome, with a satin finish, or in white or black lacquer to provide many colour matches with the upholster


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Stainless steel, Polyurethane
    • Color : Brown
    • Designer : Neuland Design

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