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    Kristalia Chair - Boum

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    In English the term "bright as a button" refers to a particularly alert and intelligent child. In fact, this definition appears to be ideal for the button on the rear of the backrest of the Boum chair, made of polypropylene upholstered in fabric, in many different colours. This detail is both aesthetically appealing and functional: it pleasantly characterises the entire chair, making it cute and attractive while providing a handy grip for lifting and moving it. It also conceals the screw that firmly secures the metal frame to the top and bottom structure. The latter is available in white and in a new black finish with a "soft touch" effect, whereas the frame comes in anodized aluminium or black or white lacquer. Boum is also available in a swivel chair version, with a steel disc-shaped base, and a stool version with height adjustment with a swivel base and footrest. Boum has been designed with a special focus on the environment: just loosen a few screws to separate it into its various components and send them to your local recycling centre. The metal frame can be taken to aluminium collection centres, the bottom structure and the rear handle can be taken to the usual collection points for polypropylene (PP), whereas the fabric upholstery can be taken to municipal solid urban waste centres. 10 years after winning the Young&Design 2003 award, Monica Graffeo - a designer of Boum together with Ruggero Magrini - has had time to become a mother three times over: but this design project is always up-to-date, smart and continues to be developed well


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Aluminium, Polypropylene, Polyester
    • Color : Blue
    • Designer : Monica Graffeo & Ruggero Magrini

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    Kristalia - boum - Chair

    Chair with an anodized aluminium structure, orange or black teflon coating, brand Kristalia.

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