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    La Tour Camoufle Portrait

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    Portrait of a lady known as Marie Adelaide Grimoard du Roure, comtesse de Laval Montmorencybust-length in a silk mantle. Portrait of three quarters of Marie Adelaide Grimoard du Roure, Countess of Montmorency Laval 1720 By Jean Raoux (Montpellier 1677-Paris 1734) Jean Raoux was a French painter, born in 1677 in Montpellier and died in 1734 in Paris. Formed with Antoine Ranc in Montpellier and then with Bon Boullongne in Paris, he won the Prix de Rome in 1705. He stayed in Rome, Padua and Venice between 1705 and 1714 before returning to Paris in 1714. He was received to the Academy in 1717. Renowned painter, he was protected by Philippe de Vendôme, who passed him many orders, lodged in his palace and poured him a pension. Contemporary of Antoine Watteau, Raoux evolved in the middle of the libertine Regency. He finds there the inspiration for his paintings exalting the beauty and youth of women and contributes to the creation of the genre "French". It was very appreciated by his contemporaries, including Voltaire who compared him to Rembrandt, and he received many commandes from prestigious clients : Catherine II of Russia, Philippe d'Orléans, etc.. Work of Raoux, typically "French", fed on two influences of his formative years: the Dutch and the Venetians, he succeeded in the synthesis, with the elegance of the French school. A retrospective has been devoted to him from November 2009 to April 2010 at the Musée Fabre in Montpellier. Within its original giltwood frame.


    • Origin : FRANCE

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